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define manifest destiny

Americans believed it was the will and destiny of the United States to spread its influence across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. during the first half of the 19th century "manifest destiny" enabled the United States to grow geographically, socially, technologically, politically, and economically


who did the United States purchase the Louisiana territory from in 1803

Napoleon- leader of France


who was sent by president Jefferson to explore the new us lands? who was their guide?

meriwether Lewis and William Clark and Sacajawea was their guide


what was the name given to the men who bravely explored frontier lands

mountain men


what were the white peoples opinions on land ownership

land is to be owned privately- with things on it such as a farm and house


what did the Indians think of land ownership

land is to be owned collectively, nature could not be owned by humans, but simply shared


who was the indian chief who formed a powerful confederation of many tribes, against us expansion



what lands did the U.S. purchase from Spain for $5million in 1819

Florida and Spanish land claims in the Oregon country north of 42 degrees north latitude


in 1823 president Monroe gave an official warning to European countries to stop colonizing lands in the Americas. what was the name of this warning

the Monroe doctrine


why did southern Americans want indian lands in Georgia and Alabama and Florida

they wanted fertile land to grow cotton


what happened as a result of the Indian removal act of 1830

government then had authority to move Indians west of the Mississippi River (present day Oklahoma


why were the Cherokee Indian marches of 1835 to 1838 known as the trail of tears

they had to march through snow with little clothes, very little food, disease, and we're of ten transported in chains. it was a sad event in their lives


list some reasons why Americans wanted to move west

land, better life, to civilize the continent and free land


list some dangers that the western wagon trains faces

desert heat, mountain blizzards, thirst, starvation, cholera and measles, Indian attacks, shooting accidents, disease, rattlesnakes, swarms of insects, and children falling out of wagons


what party took a shortcut to California, got lost, trapped in the mountains during winter, ran out of food and turned into canibles

the donner party


the Mormons, a religious group, established their own society around what present day us city

Salt Lake City


why did Americans begin to settle in Louisiana and Texas? who owned Texas at the time

new lands for cotton farming



in 1845 the U.S. and Mexico went to war over what

Texas because they wanted to add it to the U.S.


what European country divided the land at 49 degrees north latitude



what war did the northerners oppose to because it was a pro slavery conspiracy- the southerners wanted to spread slavery into western lands

Mexican American war


who won the Mexican American war

the United States


the U.S. acquired the Utah territory, Mexican territory, California territory, nevada, Arizona and part of Colorado because of what treaty

the treaty if Guadeloupe hidalgo


what California city grew tremendously as a result of the gold rush of 1849

San Francisco


name the many groups of people that contributed to the growth of the U.S. between 1800 and 1860

Native American Indians, Mexicans, European and African Americans, and Chinese immigrants


what word means to allow the people to have the power to make decisions on issues that affect them

popular sovereignty