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Civil partnership

Illegal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same legal rights as a husband and wife



Living together without being married



Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring



Staying with your marriage partner and only having sex with only them



Sexual attraction to someone the same sex


Nuclear family

Mother, father and children living as a unit


Premarital sex

Sex before marriage



making a new life



Having sex with a number of partners without commitment


Re-constituted family

Where two sets of children (stepbrothers and stepsisters) become one family when they divorced parents marry each other


Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce…

A. Most have sex before marriage. Socially acceptable for people to live together unmarried
B. Age to get married has increased and not my name get married in church.
C. Increase in reconstituted families. Civil partnerships introduce (2004)


Reasons for changes one marriage and divorce

1. Cohabitation the marriage
• contraception made sex safer from pregnancy
• christianity lost its influence
2. Divorce
• law made it easier and cheaper to get divorced (1969)
• for equal rights. Women can now afford to support themselves
3. Family life
• more divorce means more remarriage
• social acceptance of unmarried mothers = more single-parent families
4. Homosexuality
•. Changes in the law made it easier to be openly homosexual
• scientists have shown that homosexuality is probably genetic =. Not a choice


What does the church say about premarital sex and cohabitation

• adultery is banned in the 10 commandments
• The question is, sex (procreation) is an act of love and commitment and should be take place within marriage.
• many Christians believe that restricting sex within marriage is in the best interests of society, children and the individual.
• The Roman catholic church for beds premarital sec and sees it as a Grayson. So for Roman Catholic couple considering marriage cohabitation is not an option. By both in bed premarital sex.
• some Christian groups for example Protestants, recognised that time to change and are prepared to accept cohabitation if the couple intend to marry.


What is the purpose of marriage?

• it's the ideal way for a man and woman to live together in a lifelong relationship. (Mark 10:7–8)
• marriage is A sacred union blessed by God.
• faithfulness is a part of the question marriage


What are the key features of the marriage ceremony?

• takes place in a church in the presence of God who is part of the marriage. Reminds them of a lifelong promise they are about to make.
• The couple mate bout to each other, with God.
• The Bible readings and the priest talk about marriage. Couple should comfort and support each other.
• there are prayers to ask for God's blessing. See children as a gift from God.


Christian beliefs on God

• Kristian is recognised that not all marriages work and that some people would want to end their marriages. (Jesus allows it for divorce so he recognises some situations are severe enough for divorce)
• some Orthodox Christians are liberal Protestants will permit divorce if they think it is the most loving thing to do. (Choose the lesser of two evils, better to divorce but live in hatred)


Roman Catholic Church on divorce

• does not except divorce. (Jesus said it was wrong in Marks Gospel)
• if the marriage has broken down, the couple can live apart but they must remain celibate and never into a sexual relationship with anyone else. That will be adultery (band in the 10 commandments)
• in few cases there are permitted to have an annulment.


Christian teachings on family life

• Family was created by God as the best environment in which a couple going live and raise children
• the old Testament refers to the importance of family.
• The gospel show Jesus was a member of the family, cared for his mother and father
• having children is one of the purposes of the Christian marriage.
• salvation army believes family life based on marriage is there' the bedrock of a stable family'


Christian support for family life

• Church provide support and guidance for every family member throughout their life.
• many questions welcome a baby into the community soon after birth with so many of baptism
• families are likely to attend Sunday worship in church and worship at festivals such as Christmas and Easter.
• children may well attend Sunday school each week.
• as children, move into their teens, the church may encourage them to consider being confirmed.


Catholic attitude towards homosexuality

Only homosexual relationships are a sin. I'm a sexual should be celibate. Condemns homophobia
• The bible for bed same-sex relationships. (Leviticus 18:22)
• everyone is a child of God.


Evangelical protestant attitudes towards homosexuality

And the sexuality is a sin. Hold prayer meeting to cure homosexuals.
• romans 1:26-8 says that those who do a natural things with someone of the same sex will be punished.
• Believe that Christ to remove all seasons including homosexuality


Liberal Protestants attitude towards homosexuality

Lifelong homosexual lazy ships are acceptable and well done. Please can be homosexual but must be celibate
• Jesus' teaching is focused on love, so should be excepted
• bible needs to be reinterpreted for today's society


Natural methods of contraception

Couple need to be in a long-term relationship. Do you not prevent STIs
• natural family planning (NFP) – monitor women's fertility cycle so she knows when she's most fertile and does not have sex on those days.


Artificial methods of contraception

Many types. Do you not need to be in a long-term relationship. Some prevent STIs from spreading
• Barrier methods for example condom Stop sperm meeting the egg
• hormonal for example the pill. Stop's woman from producing an egg
• others for example coil or morning after pill prevent fertilised egg attaching to the womb


Catholic attitudes towards contraception

Do not accept the use of artificial contraception because it would prevent the act of sexual love being open to live. Allow NFP
• Casti Connubii(1930) band Catholics from using artificial contraception
• 1951 – Pope Puis XII says Catholics can use natural contraception


Non-Catholic Christians attitudes towards contraception

Allow all contraceptive as long as they are to limit family size
• christians who are accept the use of contraception in marriage argue that there is nothing written in the Bible forbidding it
• The Church of England excepts the use of all forms of contraception by a married couple and it allows the couple the chance to enjoy sexual love but choose the best timing, and size, of their family



A Sexual acts between a married person and someone other than their marriage partner