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How the belief in life after death beliefs affect Christians

• some Christians believe in resurrection, that after death the body stays in the grave to the date of judgement. When everyone will be raised from the dead and be judged by God. As such they want to they goodbyes so they can get to heaven


Non-religious reasons for believing in life after death

• near death experience-people had been say that they were travelling through a tunnel or toward a light e.g. research of Dr S Parnia
• existence of the spirit world – who are thought to be the spirits of the dead that are sometimes with support to the living. Use mediums and we ouiji boards.
• reincarnation – people who claim that they can remember previous livestock e.G. case of time TaRanjit Singh


The case for life after death

• people have experienced paranormal activities.
• The mind can make the body do impossible things, such as heal itself of an ' incurable' disease.
• The brain is separate from the body
• people all over the world, both religious and non religious believe in life after death since the earliest times.


The case against life after death

• Scientific evidence shows that when the body dies, everything decays.
• no one has returned from the dead to tell us
• The end of life means exactly that, it is illogical to speak about life after death
•Life-support machines prove the brain dies before the body


Abortion – the law

• two doctors agree that the mother's life is at risk or risk to the health of already living children or baby is severely disabled
• can't take place after 24 weeks of pregnancy


Nonreligious arguments in favour of abortion

• A woman has the right to choose
• A Childs quality of life is important
• mothers health and welfare welfare are more important than that of her unborn child
• there are too many people on the planet


Number to just arguments against abortion

• it's a form of murder
• everyone has the right to be born so they can reach their full potential
• all life has value


Christian teaching about abortion

• Roman Catholics and some evangelical Christians believe that life begins at conception abortion is murder and the serious sin
• Christian teachings on the sanctity of life means every human has the right to life (even a fetus).
• some Christians, such as the liberal Christians, believe that abortion in certain circumstances may be the kindest most loving action. They refer to Jesus' teaching that love is the most important thing.


Nonreligious arguments in favour of euthanasia

• suicide is legal, so why not help someone who could not commit suicide themselves
• if an animal was suffering, we have to put it down as it is the most humane thing to do.
• it is their life they should have the right to end it if they want to
• it's not fair for the relatives to have to watch that one die painfully.


Nonreligious arguments against euthanasia

• drug can be used for pain control.
• euthanasia is just a fancy word for murder.
• doctors take an oath to save life, it is wrong to ask them to kill people.
•People can better or medical science might find a cure for them.


How do Christians reacts to euthanasia

1. Wrong but do you not want people to suffer.
• christians believe that God created everything and that humans were created in his image. So life is holy, this is known as sanctity of life. Only God should and life.
• Jesus excepted his suffering and death are never tried to escape from it, so Christians believe that this teaches them to preserve life and cherish life.
• God tells us not to kill in the 10 commandments.


How do you evangelical protestants respond to euthanasia

2. evangelical protestant believe that is wrong in every circumstance
• bible condemns suicide and then follow it literally
• God tells us that the Kill in the 10 commandments


How do people Protestants respond to euthanasia

3. Protestants allow limited use of euthanasia
• Jesus said love by neighbour. Helping someone today might be the most loving thing to do.


Media should not criticise religious beliefs and life-and-death because…

• Might stir up religious hatred
• might be offensive to religious believers


Media should be allowed to criticise religious attitudes because…

• A free media is a key part of democracy
• if religions want to be free to say what they want that the media should also have that right


Causes of world poverty

• natural disasters – earthquakes cause damage to homes, roads etc high repair costs
• debt– Lend a lots of money with high interest rates. Can't pay repay original debt
• wars -civil (Somalia, Yugoslavia) and between countries (Iran – Iraq)
• HIV/AIDS – prevalent in LEDC's. Mass deaths


3 reasons How Christian aid tries to move while poverty

1. Speak out on behalf of poor communities to bring justice-
• support make poverty history campaign (2005)
• 15% of its spending goes on education and campaigning
2. Development programs –
• these equal 50% of its spending.
• work on local problems for example helping farmers in the Gaza Strip to feed the community as they can't always get across the border to sell their goods.
3. Disasters and emergencies –
• send water, food, shelter to victims of the sources for example Tsunamis


Three reasons why Christian aid is trying to and poverty

A. New Testament says well must be used to help the poor
B. Jesus help the poor. Christians copy Jesus' example
C. Seton in the mount and the parable of the sheep and the goats = Christina's have a duty to help the poor



The removal of a foetus from the worm before it can survive


Assisted suicide

Providing a seriously ill person which means to commit suicide



The painless killing of someone dying of a painful disease


Immortality of the soul

The idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body


Near death experience

When someone about to die has an out of body experience


Non-voluntary euthanasia

Ending someone's life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you have a good reason for thinking they would want you to do so



Unexplained things which are thought to have spiritual causes e.g. ghosts and mediums


Quality of life

The idea that life must have some benefits for it to be worth living



Belief that, after death, souls are reborn in a new body



Th belief That, after death, the body stays in the grave until the end of the world when It is raised


Sanctity of life

Believe that life is holy and belongs to God


Voluntary euthanasia

Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death


Why Christians believe in life after death

• The resurrection of Jesus regression proves that there is life after death.
• Jesus tells questions they will be brought back to life in John 11:25.
• Jesus teaches that he is the key to eternal life. (John 3:16–17)
• St. Paul teaches about life after death the body will be transformed from a physical body to the spiritual one when it is raised. (1 Corinthians 15:20, 35–8, 42–4)