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Treating someone less favourably because of their ethnicity gender colour sexuality age or class


Ethnic minority

I member of an ethnic group (race) which is much smaller than the majority group


Interfaith marriages

Marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions


Multi ethnic society

Many different races and cultures living together in one society


Multi- faith society

Many different religions living together in one society



Leaving some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them


Racial harmony

Different races/colours living together happily



The belief that some races are superior to others


Religious freedom

Right to practice your religion and change your religion


Religious pluralism

Excepting all religions as having an equal right to coexist



Discriminating against someone because of their gender


How attitudes in the UK have changed the roles of men and women

• Women can own property but when they married if Poss and the husband. Very few women worked 15% in 1900


community cohesion

Shared common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society


Why attitude changed towards roles of men and women

• during the war women had to take on roles men usually dead. Showed them they did them just as well. More women need to work for home to afford things.
• The suffragettes showed women no longer wanted to be treated badly.


Catholic attitudes towards roles of men and women

Men and women show should have equal rights and roles in society. Do not think this is the case in church leadership. They point to the fact that Jesus personally nominated Peter to be lead in church. Only men can be priests
• Men and women created on the same day (Genesis). Made in God's image, so equal
• Jesus' closest followers (apostles) Were all men and priests follow on from them


Traditional Protestants attitude towards roles of men and women

Evangelical see men and women as having different roles so they can't be a quarter religion. Women bring up children and men provide for the family. Only men are church leaders.
• Saint Paul teaches that women should not speak footage in church
• men made before woman (Genesis) so they have more rights


Modern Protestants attitudes towards roles of men and women

Men and women for the call and now have women ministers and priests
• Jesus treated women as his ego for example the Samaritan woman in John 4
• Saint Paul said women and men but equal in the eyes of God


Benefits of a multi ethnic society

• the UK has a wide variety of music, culture, food and clothes from different cultures.
• it can make for a more peaceful world as people of different races and nationalities learn to live and work alongside each other.
•. It is good for religions to see members of different ethnic group's following their religion


Problems of discrimination and racism

•. Prejudiced employees will not give jobs to certain religious groups
• prejudice teachers might get ethnic children expelled I'll put in lower sets
• prejudiced police officers might stop black people more often than not treat them seriously.


Effects of discrimination and racism

• if treated on fairly some groups might work again society
• if people feel they won't get a good job due to prejudice someone turn to crime or terrorism
• can lead to extremist groups coming about for the sample BNP (British National party)


How's the government promote community cohesion

• Schools have to promote community cohesion
• race relations act = illegal to discriminate against people due to race, colour etc
• appointing MPs from ethnic backgrounds


Why is community cohesion important

• without it different groups have their own agendas which can lead to violence for examples old him, Burnley and Branford riots


Why Christians promote racial harmony

• The Bible opens with a description about God created everyone in his own image. So prejudice and discrimination are wrong
• in the parable of the good Samaritan Jesus tells people to help whoever is in need to regardless of race or religion.
• there are Christian leaders of every colour and race so it would be silly for them to be racist
• Saint Paul said everyone is equal in the eyes of God


How the church up the asylum seekers and immigrants workers

• provide church services in languages other than English
• campaigns for justice for refugees
• ' London churches refugee found' provides refugees were basically says it is for examples food
• gives legal advice to immigrants settling in Britain


Why the church up to asylum seekers and immigrants workers

• Old Testament says God is followers should seek justice for everyone
• Jesus helped everyone and so Christians should do the same
• parable of the good Samaritan the sheep and the goats = is Jesus telling people to treat all people the same


Three Christian ways of teaching

• exclusivism - some Christians (evangelical protestant) believe that only those who follow Christianity will go to heaven. Other religions have got it wrong so would be right to try and convert a nonbeliever to Christianity
• inclusivism - some questions () believe that while all religions can help people reach God, only Christianity has the complete answer. Whilst I will face should be respected, the right path should be explained to them.
• pluralism – some questions (liberal Protestants) believe that all religions will lead to God, non-is superior and non-is wrong. People are free to follow the way that best suits them.


Three ways religion is an issue in a multifaith society

1.conversion – teachings of religion can be in conflict with each other. Some see it as a duty to prevent others. This causes problems because this could be seen as a type of prejudice. This could lead to arguments and violence.
2.bringing up children – in the UK children come in contact with lots of religions and they may go against their parents. Some religions say parents must keep children in their faith in order to see them when they die. Could cause friction between parents and children.
3.Interfaith marriage – people of different faiths meet and fall in love. Causes problems for example where they marry, and which religion and all their children grow up in? If these are not worked out that they can lead to hatred and violence.


How religions promote community cohesion in the UK with other religions to see what they have in common. For example in Christianity, Islam and Judaism or believe in Abraham and Moses. Try to find ways to live together.
2. Develop ways of having Interfaith marriage is for sample Protestant churches and liberal Jewish synagogue have special wedding services the mixed couples.
3.respond to how children should be brought up for example some Protestant churches and liberal Jewish synagogue is encouragements couples to raise children in both faiths and let the children decide when they're older
4.join together in special groups to explore the ways of helping community cohesion for example the interfaith networkers members of lots of religions working together to promote good relations between religions