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How does mass spec work

Vaporises sample
Changes to positively charged ions


What are the uses of mass spec

RAM of element
RFM of compound
Existence of isotopes + relative abundances
Molecular groups in compounds - fragmentation pattern
Identify structure
Mechanism of a reaction


What is the definition of an m+1 peak

Peak produced by a molecular ion with an increased mass due to the presence of one c-13 atom


What does the m+1 peak allow you to measure and what is the % abundance of one c13

The number of C in a molecule


What is the general equation when a molecular ion is formed

M(g) ➡️ M+(g) + e-


What is the definition of a fragmentation ion

A positively charged ion produced when the molecular ion breaks apart


What is the definition of a molecular ion peak

Peak formed by an ion formed by the removal of one e- from a molecule


What is the definition of base peak

Peak of greatest abundance in a mass spectrum