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Draw the structure of the amide group

See notes page 15


Describe the nomenclature of amides

1️⃣ use parent acid name - replace ‘-oic acid’ with ‘-amide’
2️⃣ if branched - ‘-CONH2’ group counts as number 1 carbon atom
3️⃣ if alkyl substituents on nitrogen atom - name is preceded by ‘N- (alkyl)’ eg N-methylbenzamide


Describe the physical properties of amides

⭕️ Methanamide = liquid but rest are white solids
⭕️ high bp - hydrogen bonded dimers forming


Draw the H bonded dimer of amides

See notes pg 17


What are the two methods of preparing an amide

1. React carboxylic acids with ammonia
2. React ammonia/amines with acyl chlorides


Write the equation of acid hydrolysis of ethanamide

Carboxylic acid and ammonium salt of dilute acid produced
See notes page 18


Write the equation for base hydrolysis of ethanamide

See notes page 18
Salt of carboxylic acid and ammonia gas produced


How do you test if something is an amide

- add NaOH (base hydrolysis) and heat
- if ammonia gas produced then it’s an amide
- test for ammonia gas: conc HCl ➡️ white smoke observed


What is the definition of dehydration of amides

A reaction which involves the elimination of water from the amide, forming a nitrile


Write the equation for the dehydration of ethanamide

See notes page 18


Why are amides weak bases

1️⃣ lone pair on N delocalised w pi bond of C=O
2️⃣ makes lone pair more stable
3️⃣ electrons less easily donated to hydrogen atom