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what are the leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths?

1. CD
2. cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease)
3. hemorrhage
4. non-CD
5. hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
6. infection/sepsis
7. thrombotic pulmonary embolism
8. amniotic fluid embolism
9. cerebrovascular accidents
10. anesthesia complications


describe family planning

*determining the preferred number and spacing of children


what is the connection between reproduction and family health?

having a marriage for example will promote stability. both economically and socially because the responsibilities are shared.


what did the title V of the social security act (1935) accomplish?

*authorized the maternal and child health services program
*administered by the maternal and child health bureau (MCHB) as part of the health resources and services administration (HRSA) of DHHS.
*MCHB has primary responsibility for promoting and improving the health of mothers and children
*most mother services will receive help from Title V


what did the title X of the public health services act (1970) accomplish?

*provides funds for family planning for low-income people
*grants administration to:
>1/2 by state and LHD
1/5 by planned parenthood affiliates
1/4 by regional or local family planning councils located in community organizations or hospitals


what is necessary to receive Title X funding?

*must offer range of acceptable family planning methods
*encourage family participation
*give priority to low income families
*must not use abortion as method of family planning
-they do accept title X money but they do not use that money to pay for abortion. Money received from sources other than title x such as co-pays or private grants pay for abortions.


what is the gag rule?

*must discuss abstinence, must encourage family participation, must offer contraceptives
*if you can't counsel about abortions that sort of limits what can be done at abortion clinics (1988)
*president clinton took that off and this was from 1993-2003
*so we are now back to no gag rule in effects (09)


what is WIC?

*WIC is a special supplemental food program for women, infants, and children.
*it is sponsored by the U.S. department of agriculture
*1 in 4 mothers participate in WIC, WIC serves 50% of all infants born in U.S.
*provides food, nutritional counseling, and access to health services for low income women, infants, and children


what is the eligibility criteria for WIC?

*reside in state in which you applying for WIC
*meet income requirements (< or = 185% FPL)
*meet nutritional risk criteria determined by medical and/or nutritional assessment
*women can stay through WIC while lactating and children up to the age of 5


what is the distribution of Medicaid enrollees and expenditures?

*disabled 15%
*elderly 9%
*adults 27%
children 49%
disabled 42%
elderly 22%
adults 15%
children 21% (cost effective)