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A 28 year old client in active labor complain of cramps in her leg. What intervention should the nurse implement?

Extend the leg and dorsiflex the foot.



pushing the sole of the foot or by sanding (If client is able) and putting the heel of the on the floor is the best means of relieving cramps.


Planning preconception care for a new female client. What info should the nurse provide?

Encourage healthy lifestyles for families desiring pregnancy.


Nursing preconception intervention?

healthy lifestyles targets an overall goal for a client preparing for pregnancy.


A client with total placenta previa is admitted. What is the most important finding to report to the provider?

Onset of uterine contractions because the client is risk for dilation and placental separation which causes painless hemorrhaging,


The most likely symptom for a pediatric client with AIDS is?

Persistent cold because the client has a decreased ability to defend the body of infections.


"My son is so jealous of my new baby daughter, I don know how I will ever mange both children t home" how should the nurse respond?

Regression in behaviors in the older child is a typical reaction so he needs attention at this time.


A woman who had miscarriage 6 months ago is pregnant again. What instruction should the nurse provide to this client?

Take prescribed multivitamin and mineral supplements. maintaining multivitamin supplements and a balanced diet is important because the spontaneous abortion may have le the woman nutritionally depleted.


"How do I know my baby is getting enough breast milk?" how should the nurse respond?

"You milk is sufficient if the baby is voiding straw colored urine 6-10 times a day. this is an indication that the infant is adequately hydrated.


A pregnant client ordered complete bed rest asks the nurse "Why do I have to stay in bed all the time?" what's the nurses best response?

Complete bed rest decreases o2 needs and demands on the heart muscle tissue. this helps preserve cardiac reserves.


For a normal newborn when do the fontanels close?

Anterior at 12-18 months and posterior and the end of the second month.


breastfeeding teaching in a class of prospective parents. what instruction should the nurse include?

Feed the baby every 2-3 hours or in demand which ever comes first.


Autosomal dominant inheritance and the risk of transmission.

Each pregnancy carries a 50% chance of inheriting the disorder.


implementation of nursing action for a client with late decelerations.

1. reposition the client
2. Provide o2via face mask
3. Increase IV fluids
4. Call the healthcare provider


Ovulation usually occurs?

2 weeks before menstruation.


What action should the nurse implement when preparing to measure the fundal height?

Have the client empty her bladder. To accurately measure fundal height the bladder must be empty to avoid elevation of the uterus.


Erythema toxicum a pink popular rash with vesicles.

Is a newborn rash that is commonly referred to as "flea bites" but is a normal finding and should be documented in the patients chart.


The nurse should encourage the client to push when.

the cervix is completely dilated. (10 cm)


Third trimester painless vaginal bleeding.

Is a characteristic of placenta previa. diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound.


Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count)

should be reported t the healthcare provider before epidural placement because of increased risk of bleeding.


Normal total bilirubin for a newborn

6-12 mg/dl after 1 day of life


The nurse is preparing to give an enema to a laboring client. which client requires the most caution when carrying out this procedure?

A 40 week primigravida who is at 6 cm and the presenting part is not engaged.


Terbutaline is given for a woman in preterm labor. what is the highes priority for the nurse to monitor?

Maternal and fetal heart rate. because terbutaline acts as a sympathomimetic agent that stimulates beta an beta 2 receptors and tachycardia is a side effect of the drug.


A mutigravidia client arrives and says her water broke. the nurse sees meconium and the feta heart rate is 140-150 what should the nurse do?

Complete a sterile vaginal exam and make sure there is not a prolapsed cord.


which nursing interventions is most helpful in relieving postpartum uerine contractions (after pains)?

Lying prone with a pillow on the abdomen. lying prone keeps the fundus contracted and is especially useful with multiparas


"I saw the baby and she has a funny looking head" whats the nurses best response

that is normal the head will return to normal shape within 7-10 days


Herbal therapy during pregnancy.

Its important that the patient want to take part in her care through herbal therapy


What information can the nurse give an insulin dependent client to have a healthy baby?

Maintain blood sugar levels I a constant range within normal limits during pregnancy


During a NTS at weeks gestation the HR is 144 bpm what action should the nurse take?

Ask the client if she has felt any fetal movement.


What is the primary reason for implementing a client to empty her bladder q2h?

An over distended bladder could be traumatized during labor as well as prolong the progress of labor.