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What did American society develop a fear of after WW1?

Communism (Red Scare- communism spreading from Russia)


Why did fears about communism increase after the end of WW2?

USSR (Russia) gained control of parts of Eastern Europe at the end of the war and made them stronger.


What happened in 1949 to increase the panic about communism spreading across the world?

China became communist


Who set up the House Committee of Un-American Activities and what did it do?

Congress set it up.
It investigated Communist involvement in government, education and the film industry.


What happened to many investigated by the House Committee of Un-American Activities?

- had to prove loyalty to America
- many were sacked as 'security risks'
- they were encouraged to name anyone else considered to be un- American (like a modern day witch hunt for anyone with potential in-American or communist sympathies)


Why were there further concerns about communism in 1950?

Start of Korean War to fight communism in North Korea.


Who started a campaign against possible communists using half-truths, lies and rumours?

Senator Joe McCarthy.


Where did McCarthy claim Communist sympathisers were working?

US Government (later US Army- many felt this went too far)
People were put on trial with very little evidence and anti- Communist headlines encouraged in newspapers).


What did the televised hearings about the McCarthy trials reveal?

- McCarthy shown to be a bully
- USA's reputation across the world was damaged
- people investigated lives had been damaged
- time wasted when other problems America could have been concentrating on


Who was a staunch supporter of McCarthy and what was his role/job?

J. Edgar Hoover (Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI)
FBI held files on over 1 million suspects during the McCarthy period (late 1940s- early 1950s).