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Menstrual Phase

Days 1-5 Outerlayer of urterine wall the endometrium is shed


Follicular Phase

Day 1-13 Hypothalamus releases FSH releasing factor. Pituitary gland releases FSH which stimulates maturation of egg cell in a follicle to grow. Follicle releases oestrogen that causes the building up of endometrium


Ovulation Phase

~~day 14. Lutenising Hormone LH is released by pituitary gland which causes ovulation. Follicle bursts releasing egg.


Luteal Phase -

Day 15-18. Corpus luteun forms from follicle and produces oestrogen and progesterone. Egg stays in fallopian tube for ~24 hours. If egg is not fertilised it starts to disintegrate along with corpus luteum. Oestrogen and progesterone levels fall. FSH is released and the whole cycle starts again