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What is mental rehearsal?

Is a technique of mentally picturing/ visualizing the performance or skill before executing it. This involves employing as many senses as possible to recreate a sporting experience in their mind and is almost as important as executing the physical skill.


How does mental rehearsal help?

Helps reinforce a good competition strategy and reinforces the nerve pathways that will be used in skill execution.


Where is mental rehearsal most effective?

In the autonomous phase, only when the skill is executed successfully in a sporting situation.


Effective MR requires the practice of the following...

1 - Motivation
2 - Concentration
3 - Narrowing of thoughts
4 - Visualization of skill to be performed
5 - A feeling of “experience” the skill
6 - Completion of a number of successful experiences lasting 3-5 minutes
7 - Physical practice when the skill is performed the way it was imagined


What is kinesthetic feedback?

The things you feel from sensors in your muscles, joints, tendons.


What are the two types of team cohesion?

Social cohesion
Task cohesion


What is Social cohesion?

Social cohesion: this is how much team members like each other and enjoy each others company


What is task cohesion?

Task cohesion: refers to how team members work together to achieve a specific goal


Which is more effective for team cohesion? Task or Social

Task cohesion, however, Social cohesion can actually make the activity more enjoyable, and thus increases motivation.


What are the two ways skills are learned?

Game sense


What are some of the ways to improve team cohesion?

1 - Commitment to a common goal
2 - Early success as a team
3 - Team building exercise
4 - Team uniform
5 - Social function


What sports are introverts more likely to play?

1 - Indivdual sports
2 - Sports that require finer motor skills
3 - Activities with limited movement
4 - Routine and repetitive sports


What sports are extroverts more likely to play?

1 - Team sports
2 - Whole body activities
3 - Sports with lots of movement
4 - Plenty of activity and uncertainty