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What is aggression?

Aggression is when the player does something outside of the rules causing harm


What is assertion?

Assertion is forceful behaviour that is not against the rules


What are the two types of aggression?

1 - Instrumental aggression
2 - Hostile or reactive aggression


What is Instrumental aggression?

an impediment of the rules but without intent


What is Hostile or reactive aggression?

wanting to impede the rules and succeeding in doing so


What are the 4 main characteristics of Aggression?

1 - Aggression is a behaviour
2 - Aggression involves harm or injury - yet it may not be physical harm eg acts of intimidation
3 - Aggression involves interaction with another living being
4 - Impeads the rules


What is the most common form of aggression? Give three reasons for this

Instrumental aggression:
1 - Purposely injuring a player usually results in some sort of penalty
2 - Athletes respond to violent stimuli less than an average person, because they are exposed to it so often
3 -