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Arousal Definition

General level of alertness


How are Arousal levels quantified?

The inverted U hypothesis


What are optimum arousal levels dependent on?

Athlete to athlete
Amount of muscle recruitment needed
Level of experience


There are 7 techniques that affect arousal and performance, what are they?

1 - A mind-body connection
2 - How you think affects the way you play
3 - Strategies for failure and strategies for success
4 - Keywords
5 - positive thought about an action
6 - Catch drifting thoughts
7 - Not enough brain chemicals may result in a lack of effort


What is the 'inverted U hypothesis'?

There is an optimum level of arousal for best performance. Too little or too much arousal leads to a decline in performance.


What are the three levels of motor learning?

1 - Cognitive Stage
2 - Associative Stage
3 - Autonomous Stage


who developed the idea of the level of motor learning?

McIlveen, 1998


What is a closed skill?

A closed skill is somewhat automatic because cognitive interruption will inhibit the success of the skill. eg returning a serve in tennis


What is an open skill?

An open skill is a skill that has time for the cognitive decision of execution. eg putting in golf


Who theorized that arousal performance varied apon skill type?

oxendine, 1970


What arousal level is best for learning a skill?

Low levels of arousal


Why do more complex cognitive skills need lower arousal levels?

Because there are fewer motor neurons needed


Why do less complex cognitive skills need higher arousal levels?

Because there are more motor neurons needed


Who invented the inverted U hypothesis?

Yerkes, Dodson, 1908