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What are the emotional sub-factors

-sadness/ happiness


What is the impact of anger on performance

Anger will impact negatively on performance if it is uncontrolled as it will increase the amount of poor decisions made, a players confidence or a players motivation


Example of anger impacting on performance

1)Failing to controls your anger could negatively impact you when a referee makes a decision you disagree with in football.
2)This could mean you get very frustrated and start to shout and swear at the referee.
3)This could then lead you to being sent off and your team having to play with only ten players for the rest of the game.


What can anger effect

-decision making


What is the impact of fear on performance

-fear produces negative thoughts which directly impact on a performers confidence
-if you fear an opponent then your performance level is likely to drop significantly which makes it easier for opponents


Example of fear impacting on performance

1)Having a fear of a specific skill in gymnastics can impact negatively if it is a skill you are mean to have included into your routine.
2)Thus could mean you don’t put this skill into your routine like you were going to, so you are missing a part of your routine.
3)This would then lead you to getting a low mark in your routine because it was incomplete and didn’t have enough high difficulty skills.


What can fear effect

-decision making
-could cause injury


What is the impact of happiness/ sadness on performance

-happiness will impact a performance positively as it would make a performer excited and ready to work
-sadness will impact a performance negatively as it would cause a performer to be lethargic and not want to work


Example of happiness/ sadness impacting performance

1)When doing a badminton tournament, if you lose the first match it would make you sad.
2)This could cause you to play worse in the next match you do as you will lose lots of your confidence, and then you could end up losing that match also.
3)In the end you would give up and either pull out of the tournament or not try when playing your other matches, making you lose the tournament completely, which would give you a bad reputation.


What can happiness/ sadness effect



What are emotional approaches to development

-Relaxation and breathing techniques
-anchor words
-positive self talk


What are relaxation and breathing techniques

-where a performer closes their eyes and takes a few deal breaths allowing themselves to relax and let their muscles become less tense with each breath out.


Advantages and disadvantages of relaxation and breathing techniques

+allows the body to completely relax
+takes the mind to a different place and lets the performer forget about their troubles
-not able to do at all times/ in all sports, e.g. can’t close eyes in the middle of a football match, can let muscles let go in a swimming pool.
-takes time


What are anchor words

Some specific words that if the performer repeats and tells themselves, they should relax instantly as it should take them to a happy place


Advantages and disadvantages of anchor words

-could be forgotten
-might not work


What is positive self talk

When a performer has a sequence of words or phrases that will relax them or make them happier


Advantages and disadvantages of positive self talk

+can be repeated as many times as needed
+when learning to use it it can be done so many times that it is then automatic in the performance
-performer could feel like it wouldn’t work
-might forget it.