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What are the physical sub-factors

-Skills and Techniques


What is fitness



How does fitness impact on performance

-good fitness means a player will be continuing at the same high standard of performance through a full match or competition, e.g. if a player has good CRE they will be able to keep up with their opponent throughout the match.
-bad fitness means that a player could get behind their team or not be able to keep up with their opponent, they could start off strong but get weaker as the game goes on, e.g. if in basketball a player of the opposition team makes a break with the ball, and the player that was meant to be marking them is not fast enough to keep up that could mean letting in a goal for the other team.


What is a data gathering technique for Physical

CRE- observation schedule or a bleep test
-cones are set out 20m apart to provide running surface
-bleep test audio is played through speaker
-each level or sub-level is marked by a bleep and the bleeps get closer together each level
-when the participant hears the bleep they run to the other side of the 20m cones
-when a runner doesn’t meet the bleeps twice in a row they are out and that is the level/sub-level that they achieved.


What are approaches to learning for fitness

CRE- swimming
-continuous swimming
-fartlek training (varied pace training)
-interval training


What is continuous training

When a performer sets a certain time, e.g. 20mins, that they want to train for and then swim without stop for those 20mins.


Advantages and disadvantages of continuous swimming

+there is no time waisting
-might get to tired to carry on so it would have bad effect instead of good


Advantages and disadvantages of fartlek training

+the heart rate changes throughout the training which is good for building up CRE
-might get confusing to keep changing pace
-might not know what 50% or 70% pace is for you


What is fartlek training

When a performer sets a certain amount of time they want to train for, e.g. 20mins, then they choose different paces they want to swim at, e.g. 20mins at 50% breaths and 70% lengths.


Advantages and disadvantages of interval training

+have tests throughout training so don’t get too tired
+varied heart rates improves CRE
-lots of time being waisted
-going full out then stopping can seize up the muscles and cause injury.


What is interval training

When a performer sets a certain amount of time they want to train for, e.g. 20mins, then a set amount of time they want to rest, e.g. swim for 5mins, rest for 5mins, repeat which equals 20mins.