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What is an information system?

A group of components that interact to produce information.


What is MIS?

Management Information System comprise the development and use of information systems that help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.


How does IS differ from IT?

IT represents the raw technology components of IS and doesn’t include people and procedure in the equation.


How important are IS to our economy?

Most employment gains have occurred in the ICT sector in Canada.


How do successful business professionals use information systems?

From basic information systems like email, accessing webpages, to specific information systems like project management software to business graphics.


What is the shape of things to come?

David Tirol suggested that within the next decade unlimited storage will be almost free, the real and virtual world will collide, enable deep powerful performance-enhancing innovations in every industry.


What is a business process?

A series of activities, tasks, or steps designed to produce a product or service.


What are the components of a business process?

Activities, resources, facilities, and information.


What is information?

Knowledge derived from data or data presented in a meaningful context.


What is the role of information in Business Processes?

Anytime a good is moved or service is provided, information is produced.


How do information systems support business processes?

Information systems can be used to automate a process activity, support counter sales, support payment, support purchasing, etc.


How do information systems support decision making?

They provide the information (raw material) for many decisions.


Why should I care about productivity and innovation?

Labour productivity is the best measure of Canada’s future growth. The ability to innovate determines the level of productivity.


What is Business Technology Management, and how is it related to Productivity and Innovation?

Business Technology Management is a set of learning outcomes that the CCICT designed to give students combined technology and business skills. They are designed for students who are inspired to use technology to innovate and improve productivity.


How do Information Systems improve productivity?

One way is that it enables the development of more efficient or more effective supporting activities. Another is by offering new and improved services, primarily activities that would not be available without IT.


How are Organizational Strategy and Industry Structure Related?

Organization strategy beings with an assessment of the fundamental characteristics and structure of an industry. It responds to structure of its industry by choosing a competitive strategy.


How do information systems provide competitive advantage?

In 2 ways: through product implementations or through system implementations.

Product Implementation
They could create a new product or service, enhance a product or service, or differentiate their current products or services.

System Implementation
Lock in customers and buyers, lock in suppliers, raise barriers to market entry, establish alliances, reduce costs.


Can competitive advantage through information systems be sustained?

The effective integration of people, procedures, and technology can provide an organization with long-term competitive advantage.


Why do you need to know about information technology?

Knowing the basics about modern IT will make you a more knowledgeable consumer of technology and help you consider how it can be used in business.


Where did all this information technology stuff come from?

The history of computers starts in 1939 and has progressed to different forms and functions.


What does a manager need to know about computer hardware?

Hardware consists of electronic components and related gadgetry that input, process, output, and store data according to instructions encoded in computer programs or software.


What is the difference between a client and a server, and what is cloud computing?

Client computers is a basic PC. Servers provide a service. Cloud computing where hardware, software, and applications are provided as a service through the internet.


What does a manager need to know about software?i

A manager should understand the difference between an operating system, and applications. The basic instruction set the operation system uses, and the typical user of that operation system.


What buying decisions does a manager need to make?

Depends on the organizations policies but usually play a role in specification of client hardware and software for employees they manage.


What are viruses, worms, and zombies?

Virus - computer program that replicates itself that consumes the computer’s resources and may cause unwanted and harmful actions.

Worms - A virus that propagates using the internet or other computer network.

Zombies - Infected computers


What is content?

Intellectual property


How can content be organized?

Through database management systems


What is the purpose of a database?

A database keeps track of complex information that involve multiple themes.


What does a database contain?

Bytes, columns, rows, and tables. A database is a collection of tables plus relationships among the rows in those tables plus metadata.


What is a DBMS, and what does it do?

A program that creates, processes, and administers a database.


What is database application?

Collection of forms, reports, queries, and application programs that process a database.


What is the difference between an enterprise DBMS and a personal DBMS?

Enterprise DBMS products process large organizational and workgroup databases. (Eg. DB2, Microsoft SQL, Oracle.)

Personal DBMS products are designed for smaller, simpler database applications. (Eg. Access)


Why should I care about networks?

Computers are more useful to people when they are connected to networks because they allow for collaboration.


What is a computer network?

A collection of computers that transmit and/or receive electronic signals through transmission media.


What are the components of a LAN?

For a LAN to be functional, there needs to be a switch and network interface cards in each device.


Why is mobile computing important?

Mobile devices are changing the way people work.


What do I need to know about connecting to the internet?

You need a router and an ISP to get connected.


How does email actually work?

1. Get internet access through your LAN
2. Break apart message and get ready for transport
3. Send and receive packets
4. Reassemble packets and display message


What are firewalls, encryption, and VPNs?

Firewall: computing device that prevent unauthorized network access.

Encryption: process fo transforming clear text into coded, unintelligible text for secure storage or communication

VPN: Uses the internet or private Ethernet to create appearance of private point-to-point connections


How does a search engine work?

Requires two things: a way to collect URLs (web crawlers) and a method for storing (indexing) & accessing the URLs so that they can be searched