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Define Abilities

Genetic and Not influenced by practice


Define Motor Learning

Changes (associated with practice/experience) in internal processes that determine one's capability for producing motor skill


Learning Experiences

Situations in which people attempt to improve their performance


Goal Setting

Process of establishing targets for performance. Need to identify specific skills/behaviours learners wish to achieve


What are the 3 types of goals, describe each

Outcome Goals: End result (I want to win)
Performance Goals: Based on previous performance (I want to take 10% more shots)
Process Goals: Quality of movement execution (Focus on the net before shooting)


Can motor learning occur because of Maturation? Will Capability be effected by increased motor learning?

No ML can not occur due to maturation. One would see an increase in capability with an increase in ML.


What do you need to have after measuring motor learning through trials?

Need a post-Acquisition time for temporary effects to dissipate in order to test retention


What are 2 types of tests we can use to see if motor learning occurred? Describe them

Transfer Test - Novel Variation of the task
Retention Test - Same task as acquisition


Describe the Identical Elements model and who made it

Thorndike made the Identical elements model and the idea is that there needs to be perceived similarity between experiences for learning to occur by the subject


Describe Near Transfer

Similar Tasks, typically learned in instructional setting and implemented in target context (practice to game)


Describe Far Transfer

Learning from one task to another very different one in very different setting (teaching a kid how to throw and playing basketball)


Describe Horizontal Transfer

Task to task transfer


Describe Vertical Trasnfer

Within task changes