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What is the definition of Clustering?

Clustering - The ability to increase the access to server resources and provide fail-safe services.


What is the definition of virtualization?

Hyper-v provides the ability to run two or more operating systems on a single computer.


What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

TCO is the full cost of owning a network, including hardware, software, training, maintenance, and user support costs.


What is powershell?

A Command-line interface that offers a shell.

A Customized environment for executing commands and scripts.


What is server manager?

Server Manager - Consolidates administrative functions to make a server easier to

Roles Summary Feature
Displays log information to alert you to warnings or problems.


What is IIS?

Enhanced web services, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
Transforms Windows Server 2008 into a versatile web server.


What is a Forest?

Consists of one or more Active Directory trees that are in a common


What is a tree?

Contains one or more domains that are in a common relationship.


What is the Domain Controller?

Microsoft views a domain as a logical partition within an Active Directory forest.

A domain is a grouping of objects that typically exists as a primary
container within Active Directory


What is OU (organizational unit)?

Offers a way to achieve more flexibility in managing the resources associated
with a business unit, department, or division.

An OU is a grouping of related objects within a domain.
OUs allow grouping of objects so that they can be administered using
the same group policies.


What is the definition of Active Directory and what does it do?

Active Directory is a directory service that houses information about all network
resources such as servers, printers, user accounts, groups of user accounts, security
policies, and other information.


How do you add a printer and make it shared?

If you are installing a Plug and Play compatible printer: Windows Server 2008 will automatically detect and install the new

If the printer is not automatically detected: you can use the Add Printer Wizard to install it. Printers that are added using the Add Printer Wizard are shared by default.
After you install a printer on a network to be shared, turn on network printer sharing
This step enables printer sharing through the windows firewall.


What is a print server?

The network print server uses four process to receive and process a print file: router, print provider, print processor, and print monitor.


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What is NTFS (New Technology File System)?

The native Windows Server file system.

NTFS features include:
Local security through file and folder permissions.
Disk Quotas.
POSIX.1 support.
Large volume capacity.
Hard lings.


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What is Global Catalog?

Global Catalog is a domain controller that stores a copy of all Active Directory objects in a forest.
The global catalog stores a full copy of all objects in the directory for its host
domain and all partial copy of all objects for all other domains in the forest.


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Know disc management

Disc defrag, Set Quote, Disk compression


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What is the process of Disk Defrag?

Using Disk Defragmenter:
When you save a file to a disk, Windows Server 2008 saves the
file to the first area of available space.
The file might not be saved to contiguous area of free space.
The disk gradually becomes fragmented.

The process of defragmenting

Locates fragmented folders and files and moves them to a location on the
physical disk so they are in contiguous order.


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What is disk compression?

Disk Compression is a type of data compression that works by storing compressed versions of files on the hard disk. A disk compression utility sits between the OS and the disk drive. Whenever the OS attempts to save a file to disk, the utility intercepts it and compresses it.


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What is spooling?

Frees the server CPU to handle other processing requests in addition to print


What are some Hyper-V Capabilities?

The Hyper-V capabilities include the following:
Compatible with clustering.
Able to handle up to four-processors SMP computer.
Can be used with Windows and Linux operation systems.
Compatible with different types of disk storage methods.
Enables fast migration from one computer to another.
Can house 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.


What tasks can you perform with powershell?

Can perform the following tasks with PowerShell:
Work with files and folders.
Manage Disk Storage.
Manage network tasks.
Set up local and network printing options.
Install, list, and remove software applications.
View information about the local computer, including user accounts.
Manage services and processes.
Lock a computer or Log Off.
Manage IIS Web Services


Windows Powershell offers over 130 command-lin tools, also called _______.



What are the characteristics of a Forest?

Have the following characteristics:

the trees can use a disjointed namespace.

all trees use the same schema.

all trees use the same global catalog.

Domains enable administration of commonly associated objects, such as accounts and other resources, within a forest.

Two-way transitive trusts are automatically configured between domains within a single forest.


What characteristics does a tree have?

Tree has the following characteristics.

Domains are represented in a contiguous namespace and can be in a hierarchy.

Two-way trust relationships exist between parent domains and child domains.

All domains in a single tree use the same schema for all types of common objects.

All domains use the same global catalog.

The domains in a tree typically have a hierarchical structure such as a root domain at the top and other domains under the root.


What are the basic function of Domain Controller?

The basic functions of a domain are as follows:
To provide an Active Directory “partition” in which to house objects that have a common relationship, particularly in terms of management and security.

To establish a set of information to be replicated from on DC to another.

To expedite management of a set of objects.


Can OUs be nested in OUs?



When you plan to create OUs, keep three concerns in mind:

1. Microsoft recommends that you limit OUs to 10 levels or fewer.

2. Active Directory works more efficiently when OUs are set up horizontally instead of vertically.

3. The creation of OUs involves more processing resources because each request through an OU requires CPU time


What is a client?

Client - A computer that accesses resources on another computer via a network.


What client workstation operating system is most compatible with Windows Server 2008?

Windows Vista :(


What is a Workstation?

A Computer that has its own central processing unit (CPU) and can be used as a stand-alone or network computer.