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The Manner of Their Fishing

John White


(Medieval Style)

Was an artist explorer

Done in Roanoke Island, North Carolina

The groups he was with wanted to find new land

Is a watercolor painting

Painted things wrong in the painting (people standing on water, fish seen at side view, fish seen on top of water, Cannon writen on boat, shows horseshoe crab and hammerhead from top)


Indian Village of Secoton

John White


medieval style

Was a watercolor

Was painted on a hill

Scene of arigants by looking down on the people

Shows people eating

Shows corn in multiple stages of growth


Adam Thoroughgood House

Don't Know Artist


medieval style

Has casement windows (imported)

Two-room floor plan (parlor room- on left, smaller, where people were entertained/ hall room- on right, bigger, where parents slept/ kids slept in attic)

When food spoiled it was moved to the Hall room.

Located in Virginia

Single-family home was part of the American dream

Vertical enfis is important in medival style

Right isn't identical to left

Door isn't centered


St. Luke's Church

Don't Know Artist

1632 (later additions dating to 1657)

medieval style

Made with Virgina purduced bricks

Was for settlers coming from England

Windows are stained glass with a pointed arch

Vertical of the church makes you think of God

Tower is to big for the building

Can see the beams of the ceiling


Parson Capen House

Don't Know Artist

July 8 1683

medieval style

Only 17th century house that we have a date for

Made for the clergy men

Parlor room is the larger of the two rooms so they can entertain the town

Chimney in the middle of the home with gives central heating

Is a wood framed house

Low ceilings


Parson Capen House (parlor room)

Don't Know Artist


medieval style

Had an open fireplace

17th century furniture

Pertions loved painting the beams different colors (some might have been polka dots)



Stanley-Whitman House

Don't Know Artist


medieval style

Central fireplace

People started to add a kitchen space

Roof now has a lean-to



Frederick Robie House

Frank Lloyd Wright


medieval style

Had to walk around the house to find the door

Wanted to see neighbors but not be seen

Is in Chicago

3 bay garage

Central chimney

Plants watered themselves

Bricks were used to show flatness

Casemen windows


Fallingwater (Edgar Kaufmann) House

Frank Lloyd Wright


medieval style

Built during the Great Depression

House is built on the waterfall

Kaufmann owned department stores in PA

Has a concreat balcony

Made built in couches so they could never be moved


Old Ship Meeting House

Don't Know Artist


medieval style

Was a new type of building

Oldest surviving Puritian meeting house

Doorway isn't part of the original design

Puritians didn't want it to look like a church

No alter in the original design

Still has the original seeling

Built in a ship building community

Ceiling beams look like a boat


Joseph Tapping Stone

Don't Know Artist

Charlestown Stonecutter


King's Chapel Burial Ground, Boston

medieval style

Is one of the most elaborate

Slate stone

Wing & skull (suggested soul rising up)

An hourglass is resting on the skull

The image in the center represents father time holding the hour glass holding the father of death holding a candle scuffer (the father of death is extinguishing life father time is trying to stop him)


John Freake

Don't Know Artist (think it is Samuel Clement)


Medieval Style

Worcester Art Museum

Very little shading and value

Has dark background (characteristic of male portraits)

Signs of wealth (lace collar, jewels, fur)

Male holding gloves meant marrital status(joining hands at marriage)

Peratants believed if you did well God rewarded you

dont see full body (3/4 body seen)

Standing shows dominance


Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary

Don't Know Artist (think maybe be Samuel Clement)


medieval style

Artist had problems showing 3D figures

Sitter 29 yrs old, baby Mary 6 months old

Baby Mary is to big and shouldn't be able to hold herself up

Artist flattered their custumers so they got more busisness

Can tell the Freake's have money (the lace, the braclete and necklace on Mrs. Freake, having an artist do a portrait of them)



Thomas Smith


baroque style

last portrait with a signature from 17 century

avante-garde - was advanced for its time

was done for himself

looks like a painting in the back of fort & gunsmoke

memento-mori - has hand on top of skull

very detailed clothing and face

skull has no lower gaw 

poem under skull (death talking to us)

poem talks about all the evils in the world including war

signature on poem (signing painting and poem



College of William and Mary (Wren Building)

Don't Know Artist


baroque style 

was made to train men for ministry

is the oldest academic building still in use

a symetric building

front & back doors are aligned

two main floors and attic (dinning hall, students slept in attic, lecture halls)

now is Ren building and is admistrative building

has a pediment around the building

house of burges met here till the capital building was built 

windows were symmetric and in the middle of wall



Governor's Palace

Henry Cary


Was in Williamsburg

baroque style

symetrically organized

side structures not connected (summer kitchen, didn't want house to get hot in summer)(slaves lived in the other dependency)

2 main floors

roof is pitched then cut off

symetric windows

destroyed in a fire

John D Rockephellar recreated the governors recidence where it origanally was in 1830's

1740 ballroom wing was added


Henry Cary 



baroque style

Replaced governor's palace

general court and bergages met here

was 2 stories

no open flames were aloud (no candles, no fireplaces, no pipes)

tobacco virginias main crop

1723 chimneys were added, smoking aloud

1747 building burned down

naked walls only left standing (interior badly damaged)

1800's destroyed again (didn't build again

John D Rockephellar 1930 rebuilt the capitol building on original plot with no chimneys



William Byrd


baroque style

where thomas jefferson was introduced to artechure

front of house faced James River

Was meant to out due the Governor's Palace

roof was pitched and cut off at the top

2 main floors and attic with stringcord

pyrimad starcase with three sides

molding around front door cut stone (expensive)

pineapple in the center of door (sign of welcome and hospitality)(very embracing)

sash windows

flemish bond brick laying (long and short bricks alternating, short bricks darker)

back door has simple pediment 

back door is now front door


MacPhaedris-Warner House

Don't Know Artist


baroque style

was on the Atlantic

today is not where it was originally located (easy to move 18 century homes)

flatten roof

multiple chimney

windows go triangle to round



Old North (Christ) Church

William Price


baroque style

was a gentleman arcitech (sold books in boston)

tiered steeple on top of the tower

Christophew Ren was the most segnifigant influence on religious arcitechure

1666 London had a fire "Great fire of 1666" (destroyed medieval churches)(over 80 parish churches destroyed)

Christophew Ren rebuilt all of them


Pennsylvania Colony House (Independence Hall)

Andrew Hamiltion


baroque style

flat roof

balistry across roof

tower was put after behind building

doorway centered

felmished brick laying

pyramid staircase



Armchair (Queen Anne)

Don't Know Artist


baroque style

baroque loved curves (sign of refinments)

looks like greater refiner of medival chair

cushion is built into the seat

cabriol legs- front legs have curves

splat - main support on the back

great use of negative and possitve space

birds in the negative space in the back



Pau de Wandelaer

Pieter Vanderlyn


lived along the Hudson valley

No 3D dementions

Don't know the material of clothing

has a bird in his hand (means don't be greaty dont always want more) (bird in the hand don't worry about the other two in tree)


Henry Darnall III

J. Kuhn


baroque style

addresses issues of class and race

class (bejewled bucks)(amazing estates)(elaborate jacket)

a young boy presented as a man

is hunting showing sign of class

shows first black man in american art who isnt identified 

are separated by the balester

black kid looking up at henry

was a slave and is wearing a collar 

darnell family had many slaves



G. Hesselius


baroque style

didn't commission the painting william peen's son did

was meant to be documentation for the penn family

very detailed face but less detail body since the painter tryed to memorize the face so much by memory

Lapowinsa is written on the left of the painting

Chipmink pouch around his neck

Looks troubled (penn is trying to take his land) 



The Bermuda Group (Dean George Berkeley and His Family)

John Smibert


baroque style

first signifigant group portrait in American art

guy on the right is the main figure (see most of the body)(holding a book-educated)(George Burkly)(is a clergyman)(looking at god)

almost 8 ft wide by 6 ft tall

in protestant europe group portrait was very important

landscape background

was a dean, education was important to him

Smibert is in the painting (all the way to left)(hold sketches)

person writing was secertary who commissioned painting 

turkey rug - from turkey (never on floor)(hand wooven)

important that people are around table in baroque style



Isaac Royall and His Famoly

Robert Feke


Royall was wealthy and in his early 20's

has turkey rug and landscape background

wealthiest family in massechuests

has almost same exact composition as Bermuda Group



Portrait of Mrs. William Bowdoin

Robert Feke


baroque style

clothing shows she is wealthy

holding a book (well educated)

seated (common for woman)

landscape background

anatomicly incorrect (large boobs)(very small stomach - male artists couldn't look at stomach for to long)

face is a lot larger then it should be for stomach


Brigadier General Samuel Waldo

Robert Feke


baroque style

First military portrait in american painting

didn't commission portrait

citizens asked Feke to do it to honor Waldo

was in French & Indian War

didn't have uniforms just dressed well

fort under attack in background

holding a spyglass

in a kimbow pose

full length pose