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Name the 10 CST's

Common good
Dignity of work
Preferential option for the poor and vulnerable
Stewardship of creation
Dignity of human person
Rights and responsibilities


Founders of the Daughters of charity

St. Louise de marillac


Expelled from Cuba. Major role for Irish immigrant children

Felix varela


Spanish Jesuit volunteered for mission in Cartagena. Devoted his life to ministering slaves. Known as the "slave to slaves"

Pedro claver


Medieval noble woman known for her care for the poor. Became a Franciscan tertiary

Elizabeth of Hungary


Born in slavery, first African American ordained a catholic priest. Most of his ministry was in Chicago

Augustus tolton


Philadelphia heiress gave up a fortune to found a religious congregation dedicated to serving African Americans and native Americans and native Americans

.katherine Drexel


Founders of daughters of Mary

Maria mazzarello


16th century aristocrat gave up his inheritance to become a Jesuit. Died ministering to victims of the plague. Patron saint of those suffering from AIDS

Aloysius Gonzaga


Foundress of the sisters of mercy

Catherine Elizabeth macauley


20th century medical dotor chose to postpone her own medical treatment in order to save the life of her unborn daughter

Gianna Molla


The US lay missionary was raped and murdered by members of the el Salvadoran military when she was ministering to the poor in El Salvador

Jean Donovan


After the death of his wife, this man devoted himself to the education of the poor by founding the Irish Christian brothers

Edmund rice


Foundress of the missionaries of charity

Teresa of Calcutta


Jesuit murdered by the nazis

Alfred delp


Dominican tertiary cared for the poor and was a peace mediator in 14th century Italy. One of the first two female doctors of the church and received stigmata

Catherine of Siena


The Irish born priest of the archdiocese of Miami directed operation Pedro pan

Brian Walsh


The only canonized saint from Sudan, this woman is the patroness of victims of human trafficking

Josephine bakhita


Foundress of the little sisters of the poor, who care for the elderly poor

Jeanne Jugan


Known as "the great apostle of 17th centurynfrench priest founded the congregation of the mission and cofounded the daughters of charity. Spent two years as a slave in the Ottoman Empire after being abducted by pirates

St. Vincent Paul


First Colombian to be canonized, this woman was a strong advocate of the indigenous peoples of Latin America

Laura Montoya


This 17th and 18th century French priest founded the brothers of the Christian schools after he dedicated himself to the education for the poor

John baptiste de la salle


The archbishop of San Salvador was murdered while celebrating the sacrifice of the mass on account his criticism of the violent and repressive conduct of his gov. during the Salvadoran civil war

Oscar Romero


Daughter of a famous American novelist converted to Catholicism and founded a religious community which cares for the terminally ill cancer patients, still to this day refusing payment from patients, their families, or the gov.

Rose Hawthorne lathrop


Religious sister from the US was murdered in Brazil on account of her activism on behalf of environmental justice

Dorothy stang


The Chilean Jesuit was especially known for his ministry to the poor, to industrial workers, and to young people

Alberto hurtado


19th century Italian priest founded the salesians to educate the poor

John bosco


The only priest to receive the stigmata, this capuchin friar was a renowned confessor and spiritual director who built a hospital in one of the poorest parts of Italy

Pio of pietrelcina


This Peruvian mulatto became a Dominican brother. He built the first hospital in the americas and the first veterinary hospital in the world

Martin de porres


The women's suffragist and leave activist converted to Catholicism after the birth of her daughter. She founded the Catholic worker movement

Dorothy day


The Italian nun founded the missionaries of the sacred heart and came to the US at the request of Leo XIII to minister to Italian immigrants. She is the patron saint of all immigrants

Francesca Xavier Cabrini


Franciscan sister from upstate NY P went to Hawaii to care for abandoned leprosy patients

Marianne cope


Indigenous layman received the apparition of our lady of Guadalupe

Juan Diego


Soldiers conversion experience centered on a moment when he cut his cloak in half to share with a poor man who was shivering in the cold

Martin of tours


Franciscan priest was an early pioneer in the Catholic publishing. He was a missionary in Japan. He was sent to aucschwitz for refusing to publish natzi propaganda. Died after he volunteered to trade places with a prisoner who had been condemned to death by starvation

Maximillian kolbe


Religious sister is the first Australian to be canonized

Mary mackillop


Vietnamese bishop spent 10 years in solitary confinement as a political prisoner of the communist government.

Nguyen van thuan


Belgian priest went on mission to Hawaii to dedicate his life to serving victims of leprosy of which he himself eventually died. Known as the "father of Hawaii"

Damien of Molokai


African American woman and her religious congregation broke the Jim Crow laws when she moved into her community to live with them. She became a beloved civil rights activist

Thea bowman


This bishop excommunicated the Roman Emperor theodosius after he massacred a city

Ambrose of Milan


This Peruvian Dominican tertiary devoted her life to penance in reparation for the Spanish treatment of the slaves and indigenous people

Rose of Lima


Soldier who suffered from life long war injuries learned to govern his wrathful temper through the guidance of st. Philip Neri. Became a priest and founded a congregation dedicated to the care of the sick

Camillus de lellis


This Dutch priest was killed in nazi medical experiments at dachau after he refused to allow the Catholic publications he supervised to print nazi propaganda

Titus brandsma


This early 20th century Italian young man lived to the age of 24. He became a Dominican tertiary. Was an vid sportsman who spent all his spare time serving the poor

Pier giorgio frassati


This spoiled rich young man gave up all his possessions after being a prisoner of war. Heard Jesus charge him "to rebuild the church". He was especially devoted to caring for victims of leprosy. First person known to have received the stigmata

Francis of Assisi