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What are the borders of the nuchal region?

  • Superiorline btwn occipital protuberance and mastoid process
  • Inferiorvertebra prominens (C7)
  • Laterallines from mastoid process down to C7 level


What are the borders of the scapular region?

  • Superioracromion to Th1 spinous process
  • Inferiorinferior scapular angle to posterior axillary fold
  • Medialmidline of trunk
  • Lateraloblique line, acromion to inferior boundary


what are the borders of the posterior brachial region?

  • Superior/ProximalPosterior Axillary Fold
  • Inferior/Distal: Above Olecranon
  • MedialMedial Bicipital Groove
  • LateralLateral Bicipital Groove


What are the borders of the posterior cubital region?

  • Superior/Inferiorabove/below olecranon
  • Medial/Lateralmedial/lateral epicondyles


What are the borders of the posterior antebrachial region?

  • ProximalBelow Olecranon
  • DistalHead of Ulna
  • LateralLateral Epicondyle to Styloid Proc. of Radius
  • MedialMedial Epicondyle to Styloid Proc. of Ulna


What are the borders of the dorsum of the hand?

  • ProximalBasis of Metacarpals
  • DistalHeads of Metacarpals
  • Ulnar/RadialMargins of Hand


What  are the borders of the gluteal region?

  • SuperiorIliac Crest
  • InferiorGluteal Groove
  • MedialLateral Sacral Crest
  • LateralAnterior Superior Iliac Spine


What are the boundaries of the posterior femoral region?

  • SuperiorGluteal Groove
  • InferiorAbove Popliteal Fossa
  • Med/LatLateral/Medial Edges of Thigh


What are the boundaries of the posterior genicular region?

  • Superior/InferiorAbove/Below Mid-Popliteal Groove
  • MedialMedial Epicondyle
  • LateralCapitulum of Fibula


What are the boundaries of the posterior crural region?

  • SuperiorBelow Popliteal Fold
  • InferiorLine between malleoli
  • Med/LatLines through malleoli


What are the borders of the lateral malleolar region?

  • SuperiorJust Above Lateral Malleolus
  • InferiorLateral Edge, Sole of Foot
  • AnteriorAnterior Border of Fibula to 5th Metatarsal Tuberosity
  • PosteriorMidline of Leg


What are the borders of the sole of the foot?


  • AnteriorSkin Folds at Base of Toes
  • Post/Med/LatEdges of Sole and Heel


What are the borders of the lumbar region?

  • SuperiorBetween Inf. Scapular Angle + Posterior Axillary Fold
  • InferiorIliac Crest
  • MedialMidline of Trunk
  • LateralPerpendicular Midaxillary Lines


What is the important triangle in the lumbar region?

Its borders?

Its contents/significance?

Petit's Lumbar Triangle


  • Lat. Dorsi
  • Ext. Abd. Oblique
  • Iliac Crest
  • FloorInt. Abd. Oblique


  • Lumbar Artery (from abd. aorta)

- site of lumbar hernia



What important fascia is found in the lumbar region?

thoracodorsal fascia


What are the 3 layers of superficial nuchal muscles from superficial to deep?

W/ innervation.

  1. Trapezius - thoracodorsal n.
  2. Splenius Capitis - post. rami, cervical nerves
  3. Semispinalis Capitis - greater occipital n.


What innervates the deep nuchal muscles?

suboccipital n.


What is found in the suboccipital triangle?

  • vertebral artery
  • suboccipital n.


What innervates the levator scapulae and rhomboids?

Where does this nerve arise from?

Dorsal Scapular Nerve

- from superior trunk of brachial plexus (C5/6)


What innervates the teres major?

From where does this nerve arise?

Inferior Subscapular N.

- from posterior cord of brachial plexus


What are the contents of the medial triangular space?

Circumflex Scapular Artery


What are the contents of the quadrangular space?

  • Posterior Circumflex Humeral A.
  • Axillary N.


What are the contents of the lateral triangular space?

  • radial nerve
  • deep brachial artery


What innervates the skin of the posterior brachial region?

What is it a branch of?

posterior cutaneous brachial nerve

- branch of radial nerve


What nerve innervates the skin of the posterior antebrachial region?

What is it a branch of?

posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve

branch of radial nerve


What two large superficial veins run along the radial and ulnar sides of the arm?

radial - cephalic vein

ulnar - basilic vein


What innervates all the extensor muscles (specific branch)?

Through what space does it pass?

Deep Branch Radial Nerve

- passes through supinator canal


What are the contents of the 6 compartments of the extensor retinaculum, starting radially?

  1. Abd. Poll. Longus + Ext. Poll. Brevis
  2. Ext. Carpi Radialis L + B
  3. Ext. Poll. Longus
  4. Ext. Digitorum + Ext. Indicis
  5. Ext. Digiti Minimi
  6. Ext. Carpi Ulnaris


What is the other name for the anatomical snuffbox?

Its borders?


Foveola Radialis

  • Radial: Abd. Poll. Longus + Ext. Poll. Brevis
  • Ulnar: Ext. Poll. Longus

- contains radial artery

superficial branch radial nerve passes above it


What are the 8 important contents of the infrapiriform hiatus?

  1. Sciatic N.
  2. Internal Pudendal A.
  3. Internal Pudendal V.
  4. Pudendal N.
  5. Inferior Gluteal A.
  6. Inferior Gluteal V.
  7. Inferior Gluteal N.
  8. Posterior Femoral Cutaneous N.


How are the 2 heads of the biceps femoris innervated?

short head: common peroneal n.

long head: tibial n.


What arteries supply the flexors of the femoral region?

Perforating BranchesDeep Femoral Artery

(coming from femoral artery)


What two structures make up the crural chiasma?

Which goes over which?

Tendons of...

Flexor Digitorum Longus

Tibialis Posterior

- FDL crosses over TP and ends up posterior to it

(to create the Tom, Dick, Harry order of tibialis, digitorum, hallucis)


What are the cutaneous nerves of the gluteal region?

Cluneal Nerves


What are the layers of the plantar region with their muscles?

superficial to deep

  1. Plantar Aponeurosis
  2. Second Layer:
    • Flexor Digitorum Brevis
    • Abductor Hallucis
    • Abductor Digiti Minimi
  3. Third Layer:
    • Flexor Digitorum Longus Tendons
    • Quadratus Plantae
    • Lumbricals (on FDL tendons)
  4. Fourth Layer:
    • Adductor Hallucis (oblique + transverse heads)
    • Fl. Hall. Brevis + Fl. Dig. Min. Brevis
  5. Fifth Layer: Interossei + Per. Longus Tendon