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What significant piece of psychological research was carried out in 1963?

Milgram's study into obedience


What was the aim of milgram's study?

To investigate the extent to which an individual with obey even when the orders go against there moral principles


What was the procedure for milgram's investigation?

40 male volunteers between aged 20 and 50 would play the role of a teacher in the study in which they would have to remember words, for each incorrect word they would receive an electric shock, the more words they got wrong the higher the voltage of the shock. The experiment continued until the participant refused to go on or 450 volts were reached. The researcher had four prompts to encourage the participant to continue before allowing them to stop.


What were the findings of milgram's research?

All of the participants went to a least 300 volts
65% continues until the full 450 volts
The initial estimate was that 3% would continue to 450 volts
Afterwards 84% said they were glad they participated


What are the evaluation points for milgram's study into obedience?

It lacked internal validity as the participants may not have believed the set-up
It had good external validity has the lab environment reflected wider authority relationships in real life
Replications have supported milgram's findings - Game of Death in France
There are severe ethical issues associated with milgram's research
Situational factors can cause people to lose their autonomy


What were the 3 variations of Milgram's study?

Variations of;


How did Milgram research the effects of proximity and what were the results?

2 variations of proximity;
Proximity between teacher and student
Proximity between teacher and experimenter
Teacher-Learner in same room - obedience fell, % of ppl who went to 450v fell from 60% to 40%
Teacher-Experimenter in different rooms - obedience fell to 20.5%


How did Milgram research the effects of location and what were the results?

He conducted the same the study but this time in a rundown office block - the % of ppl that went all the way to 450v fell from 65% to 47.5%


How did Milgram research the effects of uniform and what were the results?

He conducted the same the study but this time the experimenter wore there own clothes rather than a white lab coat - the level of complete obedience fell from 65% to 20%.


What are the evaluation points for Milgram's variation studies on obedience?

All the same points for the original study.