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What is the key theory for obedience within dispositional explanations?

The Authoritarian Personality


What does the authoritarian personality say about obedience?

It says obedience is a kind of psychological personality disorder


What characterises the authoritarian personality?

Extreme respect for authority
Contempt for inferior social status


What is the cause of the authoritarian personality?

Strict and harsh parenting creating the impression of conditional love - fear of parents is displaced onto those that are socially inferior


Who proposed the idea of an authoritarian personality?

Adorno et al in 1950


What measuring scale did Adorno use to measure the authoritarian personality?

The F-scale
Those who scored highly on the F-scale identified with strong people and showed disrespect to the 'weak', they were very status conscious, they tended to have more stereotypical views so were more prejudiced also.


What are the evaluation points for the dispositional explanations of obedience?

+ Research support for AP - obedience link - Milgram did study again this time measuring ppls APs - AP = more obedient
- Limited explanation - Nazi Germany, can't all have had APs
- F-scale is politically biased - measures the tendency towards an extreme form of right-wing ideology - politically biased
- Correlation doesn't mean causation