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Default mode network

The areas of the brain that show greater activity during rest. Possible simulation centre, memory consolidation and intrinsic awareness

VS Executive control network


Dream functions

Creative or memory consolidation. Set out to yourself to dream about what you want to consolidate or the problems (good questions) you want to solve


Horizontal broad knowledge - Concepts and Questions

Chunks can be formed ever bigger by combining information across various specializations.
Best to ask:
When can I use this?
How can I use this?
Why should I use this
What does this remind me of?
Why does it remind of that?



Chunks form after repetition, understanding and deliberate practice of adjacent bits of information
Chunks occupy only one slot of working memory
Big picture (mental model) > Context (field) > Chunk (tool of thinking)


Experiments' Success

Probability of success increases after iterative experiments.


Checklist: How to

1. Observe your process
2 Record it
3. Refine process where faulty


DARE method

Defuse - the thoughts and feelings that occur. Have a "So what"/"Whatever" mindset towards negative thoughts
Accept - any thoughts or feelings with open arms. Consider anxiety and stress a funny cartoon character.
Run towards/demand more - when certain feelings feel intense, demand even more from anxiety
Engage - back into the activities that you were supposed to do all along and focus on them with the new energy


DARE - more steps for accepting

Embrace it by:
1. Forgiving - yourself and the anxiety (gives you power over any feeling, makes you wiser, brings you peace)
2. Discovering the meaning - if you find meaning in it you will overcome it; crash course in self-development. Despair is suffering without meaning. Can show you where you are holding yourself back, how to have greater compassion for others,
3. Gratitude - be happy that this is happening to you, as is a teacher


Executive Control Network

The areas of the brain which activate the most when involved in tasks regarding extrinsic awareness, problem-solving, concentration, working memory, flexibility, planning