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What two examples are there of resources?

Water and soil are examples of natural resources because they come from nature.


What would a good description of non-renewable resources be?

They can only be used once. They are not replaced or renewed by nature, and people cannot renew them either.


What is a good example of a non-renewable resource?

Gold - it cannot be made by people because it takes thousands of years to form.


What would be a good description of renewable resources?

Renewable resources are the kinds of resources that can be used again and again, without them ever running out.


Give an example of a renewable resource

Wind is a good example - it is a renewable resource that we use to make energy to produce electricity (wind farms)


Are resources renewable?

Yes, for example fish because they can reproduce and have baby fish. But if we catch and eat too many fish, the fish will not be able to reproduce quickly enough and will eventually run out.


What are minerals?

Minerals are substances from underground, like gold and silver.


Are minerals living or non-living?

They are non-living as they are not formed from plants or animals. Minerals are non-renewable resources because they take a long time to form.


Is coal a non-renewable or reneawable form?

It is non-renewable. Once it is burnt for fule or to make electical power it cannot be used again.


What is the first phase of the formation of coal?

Dying trees and other plants fell into the water and were gradually covered by mud.


What is the second phase of the formation of coal?

The rotting plant layers hardened and dried out under the mud, forming peat.


Besides energy, what else is coal used for?

They are used to make tar for roads, as well as plastics and paints.


Why is coal not a mineral?

Minerals are formed from non-living substances - coal originates from living substances like trees and plants.


Which province has the most number of minerals?

Limpopo province.


Which province has the least number of minerals?

Western Cape (this is a guess)


Where would you find the most industries that manufacture using metals?



Where would you find the most coal power stations?