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Abstract, logic reasoning
Inductive reasoning (relationships & rules)
Problem solving
Flexible adjustment
Potential for learning


Intelligence theories

Cattell and Horn -> 2 component, fluid (culture-independent) and crystallised (culture dependent)
Vernon's hierarchical theory-> general, major (verbal, spatial), minor, specific
Vernon also
A: innate genetic, like g, not developable,
B: expression, traits influenced by environment
C: specific test performance, measurable
Carroll's three stratum theory intelligence
more factors than Vernon, less correlated
CHC -> messy overall, intelligence complex, lotta aspects, broad to narrow


Intelligence: Across time, gender and over generations

From crosssectional, fluid goes down, but longitudinal, increase until age 60, then decrease
Male better at spatial
Flynn effect -> strongest fluid, least vocabulary, increase until '90, then decrease, not in developing countries, not due to genetics, but education and complexity of environment -> train brain to be better at such tasks


Model of dynamic test

a) Pretest (static, independent)
b) Intervention (dynamic, help from mediator),
c) Posttest (dynamic, independent),
d) Transfer task afterwards

You test either Progression (a to c)
Instructional needs (b)
Learning potential (both above + d)


Learning potential measures

number and type of steps to help child
Progression from pre to post (fewer steps, larger potential)
only post
transfer abilities


Problems classical, benefits dynamic intelligence testing

Only snapshot of knowledge and skills, measures performance, does not explain, assumes equal learning opportunities
intelligence testing bias (anxious and minorities), not accounting for learning potential

instead of actual, measures potential level,
more realistic as takes proximal development into account
helps to find instructional needs
good for highly anxious children
better predictor future performance