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what bleaching regimen is most effective? According to whom?

sodium perborate with fresh superoxol had 93% success rate
Ho and Goerig 1989


Who showed that color regression in internal bleaching (in vitro) was found in 4% of cases after six months?

Ho and Goerig 1989


What did Ho and Goerig show about color regression in internal bleaching?

4% of cases regressed in the six month period they looked at.


What are the Zones of Fish?

1. Infected zone (bacteria and PMN's)
2. Contaminated zone (round cells)
3. Zone of irritation (histiocytes and osteoclasts)
4. Zone of stimulation (fibroblasts and osteoblasts--may have bone formation at the periphery)


Who came up with cognitive dissonance as it relates to endo?

Seltzer and Bender 1965


What is cognitive dissonance?

To have successful NSRCT, you must have: sterilization, obturation, and cleaning out of tissue. Yet sometimes these are done well and the root canal fails. Sometimes these are done poorly and the root canal succeeds


Who came up with the idea of the stressed pulp condition?

Abou-Rass 1982


Who recommended extracting all cracked teeth that are necrotic?

Berman, Kuttler 2010