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How do you spell mitosis?

M- I- T-O-S-I-S


How do you spell meiosis?



What is mitosis?

Mitosis is a type of cell division, it is when a cell reproduces itself by splitting to form two genetically identical offspring.


What is mitosis for?

making new cells for growth and repair


What type of reproduction is mitosis?

a-sexual reproduction because there is NO VARIATION


Describe the process of mitosis.

1. cells get a signal to divide
2. The cell duplicates its DNA so there is one copy for each new cell.
3. The DNA is copied and form x-shaped chromosomes. Each arm of the chromosome is an exact duplicate of the other.
4. The chromosomes line up at the centre of the cell and cell fibres pull them apart. The two arms of each chromosomes go to opposite ends of the cell.
5. Membranes form around each of the sets of chromosomes- these become the nuclei of the two new cells.
6. Cytoplasm divides


What is Meiosis?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that produces cells with HALF the normal number of chromosomes- they produce 23 rather than 46.


What is meiosis for?

producing gametes- sperm and egg cells


What type of reproduction is meiosis?

sexual reproduction because the offspring are GENETICALLY VARIED


Describe the process of meiosis.

1. The cell duplicates its DNA before division begins. One arm of each chromosome is an exact copy of the other arm.
2. In the first division, the chromosome pairs line up in the centre of the cell.
3. The pairs are then pulled apart so each new cell only has one copy of each chromosome. During this process the cells randomly touch so the new cell is a mix of the father's chromosomes and the mother's chromosomes.
4. In the second division the chromosomes line up again in the centre of the cell. The arms of the chromosomes are pulled apart.
5/ Yo get four gametes each with only a single set of chromosomes.