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Seguir el ritmo

Keep up with (trans) 

Stay level with, go as fast as 

He raced ahead of me and I couldn't keep up with him


Permitir que alguien sepa algo

Let SO in on ST (trans) 

Allow to know about 

He promised to let me in on the secret


Recordar, mirar hacia el pasado

Look back on (trans) 

Remember, reminisce about 

Occasionally he would look back on his time as a long-haired hippy


Inventar, imaginar

Make up (trans) 

Invent, create, come up with 

You should be a writer, you make up such interesting stories


Compensar por

Make up for (trans) 
Compensate for 

He made up for her absence by working overtime


Despedir, decir adiós

See off (trans) 

Say good-bye to, bid farewell to 

He came to the airport with me to see me off


Sustituir, reemplazar

Stand in for (trans) 

Step in for (trans) 

Substitute, replace temporarily 

Your teacher had an emergency so I will stand in for her for this class


Defender, alzarse en defensa de

Stand up for (trans) 


We must all stand up for what we believe in


Hacer frente, enfrentarse

Stand up to (trans) 


The best form of defence is attack. Stand up to whoever is nasty to you


Erosionar(se), desgastar(se), borrar(se)

Wear away (trans) (intrans) 

Decrease, erode, wash out 

The wind and rain wear away the stone of buildings