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Disminuir, bajar, (volumen)

Turn down (trans) 

Lower, decrease, reduce 

Ooh! That radio is too loud. Can you turn it down?


Convertirse, volverse

Turn into (interns) 

Become, get into, come to be 

At a kiss from the princess he turned into a prince


Rechazar, no aceptar

Turn down (trans) 

Reject, decline, refuse, turn away 

Most books are often turned down before publication


Desconectar aparato

Turn off (interns) 

Disconnect electrical supply, shut down, switch off 

Can you turn off the lights before you go to bed?


Irse, dejar una trayectoria

Turn off (trans) 

Not keep on the same road, drive away, go off 

Turning off the main road, he went down a little lane


Conectar aparato o suministro eléctrico

Turn on (trans) 

Connect electrical supply, switch on, trigger 

It's getting dark. Turn the lights on, please


Resultar (resultar ser)

Turn out (interns) 

Prove to be, come about, come true 

The butler turned out to be the murderer



Turn out (trans) 

Produce, yield, generate 

The factory turns out fifty fridges a day


Voltear en el aire, volcar

Turn over (trans) 

Revolve in the air, flip, tumble 

Can you turn the record over? I want the other side


Volverse, virar

Turn round (interns) 

Turn to face opposite direction, turn around, turn back 

I heard a voice behind me and turned round


Elevar, subir (el volumen)

Turn up (trans) 

Raise, increase, bring up

Can you turn up the volume? It's too low


Aparecer, ocurrir

Turn up (interns) 

Appear, come up, come forth 

He turned up on my doorstep after a year's absence