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What quote mimics the Clerk's Tale?

"Weping and wailing"


What quote shows the disappointment that the Merchant has over his wife? Love/Gender

"I have a wyf, the worste that may be"


What quote shows that the merchant's wife is defiant? Gender

"shrewe" "snare"


What quote illustrates how pathetic the merchant is? Power

"sin ye so muchel knowen of that art"


What quote shows that regardless of the merchant's own pain, he cannot speak more - Use of paralipsis. Power

"i telle may namoore"


What quote describes wives as obedient? Marriage/Love

"for who kan be so buxom as a wyf?"


What quote suggests that marriage is effortless, which contradicts the merchant's view? Marriage

"for wedlock is so esy and so clene, that in this world it is a paradis"


What quote gives an instant economic viewpoint?

“Deffie Theofraste, and herke me”


What's were the 3 referenced examples of women? Gender/Deceit



What quote shows that January prefers mature fish and young meat? Animalistic/Gender/Power

"oold fish and yong flessh wolde i have ful fain"


What quote uses visceral imagery to show women as animalistic and uses a biblical illusion? Religion/Gender/Power

"a pyk than a pikeral, and bet than old boef is the tendre veel"


What quote hints at how men can mould warm wax in their hands? Gender

"right as men may warm wex with handes plye"


What quote is a reference to Damyan and suggests that all he knows is how to ruin marriage? Marriage

"that woot namoore of it than woot my page"


What quote shows January's job as a courtier? Status

"I have now been a court-man al my lief"


What quote means say the same thing or say similar?

"I see the same, or elles thing semblable"


What quote shows that no-one is perfect in everyday and also implies that they're buying a horse rather than marrying a wife? Marriage/Underlying motives

"Noon in this world that trotteth hool in al"


What quotation is January's dismissal for advice? Power

"Straw for thy Senek, and for thy proverbes!"


Where does the observation of women occur (mirror round the corner)? Love/Underlying motives

"A commune market-place"


What quotation uses proleptic irony to forebode January's blindness and uses the image of Cupid as the blind young god of love? Deceit/Love

"For love is blind"


What quotation uses descriptio to show that January has made the best possible decision by picking May? Gender/Love

"His fresshe beautee and hir age tendre"


What quote links heaven with payments? Underlying Motives/Religion/Love

"Hevene is bought so deere"


What quote shows that they they bound their marriage with religion - something that Martin Luther would be disappointed with? Love/Marraige/Religion

"made al siker ynogh with hoolinesse"


What quotation suggests that something from the fairy world enhances the idea of a fantasy wife? Love/Marriage

"Hire to biholde it seemed faierye"


What quote suggests that Damyan was enraptured on May? Love



What phrase uses sibilance to show that Damyan is as much of a fantasiser as his master? Love

"Sweet and swowned" "so soore"


What quotation use epistrophe to be melodramatic and align Damyan with the devil? Religion

"O perilous fyr" "O famulier foo" "O servant traitour"


What quotations focus on January's appearance - somewhat old, contradicting the courtly love ideal? Love

"Thikke brustles of his berd" "Skin of houndfissh"


What quotation shows January's age by de-humanising him? (Focus on neck to show the characteristics of an older person? Love

"The slakke skin about his nekke shaketh"


What quote shows that are locked out of May's thoughts? Love/Gender

"God woot what that May thoughte in hir herte"


What quote uses astrology to show the incompatibility of January and May (Mars and Venus)?

"Tawr, was into Cancre"


What quote shows that May flushes the love letter down the toilet? Deceit/Gender

"And in the privee softly it caste"


What quote describes May? Gender/Status

"Fresshe May"


What quote illustrates how Damyan's pity lures May in? Love/Deceit

"Of pitee of this sike Damyan"


What quote shows that a women meaner than May would let him die? Love/Deceit

"Hire crueel pride, and rekke nat to been an homicide"


What quote shows that, with the help of May, Damyan makes an instant recovery? Love/Gender

"He kembeth him, he preyneth him and piketh"


What quote illustrates January's attempt to isolate May from the outside world? Nature/Gender/Power

"He made a gardyn, walked al with stoon"


What quote refers to Damyan? Status

"The noble knight"


What quote shows how January has become blind?

"Is woxen blind, and that al sodeynly"


What quote shows that Jealously is prevalent throughout the text? Love

"Jalousie it was so outrageous"


How do Damyan & May communicate in their deceitful love? Deceit/Love

"Privee signes"


What quote suggests that you may as well be deceived when you are blind as when you can see & hints at how when January could physically see, he was morally blind? Deceit

"For as good is blind deceyved be as to be deceyved when a man may se"


What is Medievalist Larry Benson's critical viewpoint?

"One cannot be virtuous unless he is a lover"
January loves with the intention of going to heaven. By playing the part in courtly love he becomes virtuous


What is C.S Lewis's critical viewpoint in the Allegory of Love?

"The lover is always abject"
Represents Damyan's extreme depression


What's Anne Winston-Allen's critical viewpoint of gardens?

She perceives gardens as a feminine space. They're associated with the loss of innocence & conjugal relations would seem an expression of the impulse for social control of women & of reproduction.
Links to January's love garden.


What quote is an extended metaphor and shows that by comparing himself to a tree, January is mocking the Garden of Eden to prove to himself that he's young despite his hair? Nature/Power

"I fare as dooth a tree/I feele me nowhere hoor but on myn heed"


What quote uses the retorical device of an epistrophe and religious imagery to paint the picture of ideal marriage?

“O blisful ordre of wedlock precious”