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What simile illustrates how if the court is poisoned, it will spread it contagion throughout the land?

"A prince’s court is like a common fountain"


What quote uses nature to suggest that the brothers are corrupts characters, full of dishonesty & unlawfulness?

"Like plum trees that grow crooked over standing pools"


What quotation describes the negativity surrounding Ferdinand?

"A most perverse and turbulent man"


What quotation reflects Antonio's admiration for the Duchess?

"For her discourse, it is so full of rapture"


What quotation alligns the Duchess with light?

"She stains the time past, lights the time to come"


What quotation is the first indication of Ferdinand's power over the Duchess & sets up the marriage incident?

"She’s a young widow, I would not have her marry again"


What quotation presents the reason for the brother's control over the Duchess in regards to her getting re-married?

“you’re a widow you already know what a man is”


What quotation is a promise from the Duchess, which she immediately breaks?

"Will you hear me? I’ll never marry"


What quotation emphasises how the Duchess finds her brothers attempt, with their rehearsed scene, comical?

“it came so roundly off”


What metaphor is used by the Cardinal, which is used as a warning to prevent the Duchess from marrying?

"Entrance into some prison"


What quotation uses a dagger as a threat to the Duchess to illustrate Ferdinand's power?

"This was my father’s poniard/I’d be loath to see’t look rusty"


What quotation demonstrates the Duchess's provocative nature?

“Diamonds are of most value/They say, they have passed through most jewellers hands”


What oxymoron is used by the Duchess to illustrate her humour in her brothers attempt to control her?

"This is terrible good counsel"


What quotation demonstrates how the Duchess defies the wills of her brothers & breaks her promise?

"I winked and chose a husband"


What quotation illustrates how the Duchess has to equivocate in order to fell safe, being subject to such scrutiny?

"As a tyrant doubles with his words, and fearfully equivocates"


What quotation links to the Queen's 2 bodies and suggests that the Duchess is trying to say she's real although her political life is taking over?

"So dead a piece of flesh"


What quote illustrates the way in which the stereotypical way of engagement has been changed, due to the scrutiny the Duchess is subject to being an aristocrat?

"These words should be mine"


What quotation shows that the Duchess & Antonio subvert and by-pass religion?

"The Church must but echo this"


What quotation illustrates Bosola's deceitful plan to discover the Duchess' pregnancy?

"I have a present for your grace/Apricots, madam"


What quotation is hypocritical & used during the dispute between Bosola & Antonio, as Antonio joins the unfamiliar world of deceit?

"Traitors are ever confident till they are discovered"


What quotation is a reference to John Lyly's Women in the Moon, and describes women as fickle and inconstant?

"I’th’moon and look to find a constant woman there"


What quotation uses falcon imagery to emphasise the Cardinal's power over Julia and is a metaphor for sex?

"Melancholy perch"


What quotation suggests that Cardinal, like others in the play, gains his power from the weakness of others?

"Little fingering on the lute"


What quotation illustrates the theme of courtly love and suggests that it's merely the Cardinal's upset that lures Julia in?

"Piteous wound I’th’heart"


What quotation is a severe insult to the Duchess and suggests that she's on a level hyperbolic of lust that Ferdinand believes she has?

"Notorious Strumpet"


What quotation illustrates the brothers concern that their sister reputation will act as a disease on them?

"Shall our blood, The royal blood of Aragon and Castile, be thus attained?"


What quotation is an indication for how Ferdinand intends to cause suffering for the Duchess' son?

"When I have hewed her to pieces"


What quotation uses animalistic to criticise a male charcater - Ferdinand - and illustrate his brothers disgust in his insanity?

"Cursed Creature"


What quotation illustrates the driving force for Ferdinand's thoughts and actions?

"My imagination will carry me"


What quotation is vivid and suggests a medium of rape, as Ferdinand imagines the Duchess with other men?

"Happily with some strong-thighed bargeman"


What quotation shows Ferdinand's planned actions as his hamartia (his desire for the Duchess) has taken over?

"Fix her in a general eclipse"


What quotation hints at the inequality in regards to gender and suggests the Duchess is on a mission of gender subversion?

"I am doomed to live, or die, I can do both like a prince"


What quotation shows Bosola encouraging the Duchess to fake a religious pilgrimage in order to get away?

"I would wish your grace to feign a pilgrimage"


What quotation illustrates Cariola as a voice of religion, disencouraging the corruption of religion? (Pilgrimage)

"I do not like this jesting with religion"


What quotation shows how the Duchess uses religion for personal gain?

"Doth she make religion her riding-hood"


What quotation hints at Ferdinand's jealousy and foreshadows the death of the Duchess?

"You were too much I’th’light. But no more."


What quotation uses sibilance to demonstrate an act of sadism, which hints at the idea that people are twisted & evokes true emotion?

"Sad Spectacle"


What quotation illustrates the Duchess disgust in such callous acts and suggests that she has forced to be part of something so callous?

"I account this world a tedious theatre/For I do play a part in’t ‘gainst my will"


What quotation illustrates the Duchess' denial with religion?

"I’ll go pray – no, I’ll go curse"


What quotation is a rephrasing from The Winter's Tale, which links to the theme of lies and deceit and adds to the concept of madness within the play.

"She’s plagued in art"


What quotation shows that Ferdinand's attempt to turn the Duchess insane has had the adverse affect as it actually provides her with sanity?

"Nothing but noise and folly can keep me in my right wits, whereas reason and silence make me stark mad. "


What quotation demonstrates the strength of the Duchess despite the callous acts she has had against her?

"I am Duchess of Malfi still"


What quotations suggest that the Duchess is now wanting death in order to properly remove herself from such callous relatives and a deceitful world?

"That I perceive death, now I am well aware, best gift is they can give, or I can take. Come violent death"


What quotation hints at Ferdinand's guilt and illustrates the Duchess' transcendental power?

"Cover her face. Mine eyes dazzle "


What quotation is a lie from Ferdinand which hides his incestuous motive?

"Only, I must confess, I had a hope – had she continued widow – to have gained an infinite mass of treasure by her death"


What quotations foreshadow Ferdinand's Lycantrophy?

“intemperate anger/The howling of a wolf/a thing that makes man so deformed, so beastly”


What quotations illustrate the Cardinal's confusion with Ferdinand's insanity?

"You fly beyond your reason/ are you stark mad"


What quotation uses animalistic imagery and suggests that Ferdinand feeds off others?

"Is like a foul black cobweb to a spider"


What quotation shows that the pursuit of money corrupts you?

"Take your devils/these cursed gifts would make you a corrupter"


What quotation shows that Antonio is entering an unfamiliar world of deceit in order to protect the secret of their child?

"Jewels to the value of four thousand ducats are missing in the Duchess’s cabinet"


What quotation illustrates Bosola's manipulation in trying to find out the truth regarding her marriage to Antonio?

"He was an excellent Courtier/Both his virtue and form deserved a far better fortune"


What quotation displays the Cardinal's guilty conscience leading to him poisoning Julia?

"I will swear you to’t upon this book/Thou’rt poisoned with that book"