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What is overflow incontinece?

Involuntary urine loss associated with overdistention of the bladder


In older adults over 60 year how much residual urine may remain after voiding and why?

50- 100 mls because of decreased contractility of the detrusor muscles


What is urinary suppression?

When the kidney aren't functioning properly and making urine


How do you determine post void residual PVR?

Straight catheter
Bladder scan



Painful to void seen in UTIs


Anuria is an urine output less the what?

50 mls
Acute and chronic renal failure


At what age should enuresis stop?

5 years old


What are the FVD manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: acute weight loss 5%, decreased skin turgor, dry mucous membranes, oliguria or anuria, increased hematocrit, BUN, hypothermia

Intervention: fluid challenge, fluid replacement


What are the FVE manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: acute weight gain, edema, crackles, sob, decreased BUN, decreased hematocrit, distended neck veins

Intervention: fluid and sodium restrictions, diuretic, dialysis


What are the Sodium deficit manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: Nausea, malaise,lethargy, headache, abdominal cramps,seizures

Intervention: diet, normal saline, hypertonic saline


What are the Sodium excess manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: dry sticky mucous membranes, thirst, rough dry tongue, fever, restlessness

Intervention: fluid, diuretic agent, dietary restrictions


What are the Potassium deficit manifestations and intervention?

Anorexia, abdominal distention, paralytic ileum, muscle weakness, ECG changes, dysthymias

Intervention: diet, oral or parenteral potassium replacement therapy


What are the Potassium excess manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: diarrhea, colic, nausea, irritability, muscle weakness, ECG changes

Intervention: dietary restrictions, diuretics, IV glucose, insulin and sodium bicarbonate, cation exchange resin, calcium gluconate, dialysis


What are the Calcium deficit manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: abdominal and muscle cramps, stridor, carpopedal spasms, hyperactive reflexes, tetany, positive chvostek's or trousseau sign, tingling or the fingers and around the mouth

Intervention: diet, oral or parenteral calcium salt replacement


What are the Calcium excess manifestations and intervention?

Manifestation: deep bone pain, flank pain, muscle weakness, depressed deep tendon reflexes, constipation, nausea and vomiting, confusion, impaired, impaired memory, polyuria, polydipsia,ECG change

Intervention: fluid replacement, etidronate, pamidronate, mithramycin, calcitonin, glucorticoids, phosphate salt


What is urinary retention?

It is the inability to empty the bladder completely during attempts to void


What is iatrogenic urinary incontinece?

Involuntary urine loss due to medical factors such as medication like BP meds


What are intervention for urinary incontinece?

Fluid management
Times voiding
Bladder training
Pelvic muscles exercises


What is a superpubic catheter?

It is a catheter inserted through the abdominal wall above the pubis and secured with sutures or tape


Is intermittent self catheterization a sterile procedure if some at home?

No the client dose this at home they will need to wash hand and the urinary meatus with warm water/ anti bacterial soap


When educating the patient on intermittent self catheterization what should the nurses emphasize?

The importance of frequent catheterization and emptying the bladder at the prescribed time ( every 4-6 hours)


What does retro peritoneal mean?

Behind the peritoneal


What is the only nonsterile part of the urinary system?

Urinary meatus


What two substance are not normally found in the urine?

Glucose and amino acids (proteins)


At what level will glucose appear in the urine?

Blood glucose of 180


If protein appears in the urine what can you assume?

That there is damage to the glomeruli because protein molecules are to large to be filtered at the glomeruli


What might be the cause of urine is blue, blue green?

Dyes, methylene use during procedures


What could be the cause of urine that is orange to Amber?

Phenazopyridine used to relieve pain during urination UTI


What major role do the kidneys play?

B/p regulation, acid base regulation, elec excretions


What is the normal BUN?

11-23 mg/ 100 ml