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What are the goals of modern zoning?

More intensive, complex regulation by discretionary development review of individual permit application


What is modern zoning tailored to?

Lots of concerns, everybody got concerns, I got concerns, you got concerns.........

More site specific; reflects aesthetic concern, ecological concerns, blah blah blah


What is the impact analysis?

A City Council sets out a set of standards and goals proposed by the planning comity, but adopted

An impact analysis is a set of studies that objectively look at the impact of a proposed development site which is objective

Note: might have to pass subjective subarea plan


What is contained in a site plan review?

Site plan reviews are when rezoning is proposed or new development projects are proposed

They contain:
1) Impact Analysis
2) Maybe subjective stds that occur in a sub-area plan
3) Are there site specific conditions?


What is a sub-area plan?

regulation by zoning districts, can contain site specific conditions such as exactions/fees


What is the process for proposing a development project or rezoning change

1) Proposal with impact analysis
2) Possibility of subjective sub area standards
3) are thre site specific conditions
4) go to hearing or board