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The City Council deals with issues relating to?

1. Allowable uses of land
2.Development Standards
*Lot size-how big the lot is
*Lot Coverage-restrictions on the percentage of the lot that may be covered by structures
*FAR (Floor/area ratio)-limit the allowable sq. footage of development by limiting construction to a multiple of the sq. footage of the lot (2:1)
*Frontage-costs associated with road construction and utilities
*Setbacks-where house is located on property


The planning commission deals with what issues?

1. Accessory uses- those activities incidental to primary use of a lot
2. Development standards-what can be built with regard to the comprehensive plan


The zoning board of appeals covers what issues?

1. Specially permitted uses- variances, uses permitted once certain criteria are met
2.Development Standard-interpret the development standard for the neighborhood