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Name the 5 modifying conventions

1. Conservatism
2. Industry practices
3. Substance over form
4. Application of judgment
5. Materiality


When confronted with alternative accounting procedures, the accountant follows that which has the least favorable impact on current income



Departure from strict compliance with GAAP may exist in some cases due to the peculiar nature of the industry in which an enterprise operates

Industry Practices


The economic substance of a transaction determines the accounting treatment, even though the legal form of the transaction may indicate a different treatment

Substance over form


Strict adherence to GAAP produces results that are unreasonable. A departure from GAAP may be made to render results that appear reasonable in the circumstances

Application of Judgment


The accounting treatment of many items is dependent upon their resultant impact on the users' decisions. Strict compliance with GAAP is necessary only when an item, due to its dollar size and/or nature has a significant effect on the F/S and the accompanying investor decisions