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What is a case transfer?

When a case is transferred from the CPI to case management


On who do we perform background checks and fingerprints?

12 years and over background checks and 18 both background checks and fingerprints


What must you do before a case transfer?

Review the FFA and safety plans. Look for major patterns, information discrepancies and information gaps.


Do parents have an option to decline case management services?

No. Case management services for families with unsafe children are not negotiable.


What are the different types of case management cases?

- in-home nonjudicial
- in-home judicial
- out-of-home nonjudicial
- out-of-home judicial


What are special conditions referrals?

Calls made to the hotline that do not pertain to neglect, abuse or abandonment but they require a response.


What are the four types of referrals for special conditions?

- Child on child sexual abuse
- Caregiver unavailable
- Parent needs assistance
- Foster Care referral


What is a case transfer conference (CTS)?

Parties from case management, child protective investigations, and possibly the family meet and discuss the case details.


What is OCS?

Out-of-County Services


What are some of the requests for out-of-county services?

Home visits, case plan assistance and home studies.