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The APS ethical standards that relate to competency are related to what General Principle?

B: Propriety


What are the 6 psychology graduate attributes?

1. Knowledge and understanding
2. Research methods
3. Critical thinking
4. Values
5. Communication skills
6. Learning and application


What's one issue that can arise when working with multiple clients?

Each client may have different expectations about the nature, extent, duration, and outcome of the psychological service


What are the 4 guidelines under B.1 Competence in the Code?

B.1.1 Psychologists bring and maintain appropriate skills and learning to their areas of professional practice
B.1.2 Only provide services within boundaries of competence
B.1.3 Seek professional supervision and consultation
B.1.4 Continuously monitor professional functioning


What are the 4 guidelines under B.2 Record keeping in the Code?

B.2.1 Psychologists make and keep adequate records
B.2.2 Keep records for minimum 7 years since last contact
B.2.3 For under 18s, keep records until at least 25yo
B.2.4 Don't refuse requests from clients to amend information


Define competency

Possessing the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) to be able to do something successfully or efficiently


What are some of the core capabilities and attributes that must be achieved by a provisional psychologist during an internship program?

- Knowledge of the discipline
- Ethical, legal and professional matters
- Psychological assessment and measurement
- Intervention strategies
- Research and evaluation
- Communication and interpersonal relationships
- Working within a cross-cultural context
- Practice across the lifespan


What are some of the micro-skills of counselling?

- Informed consent
- Effective listening
- Attending to the client
- Questioning
- Encouraging
- Paraphrasing
- Summarising
- Confrontation
- Time management of a session
- Termination of a session
- Knowledge of electronic and communication technologies


What are some of the specific competencies required by an educational psychologist?

- Working with children, parents, and schools
- Working with indigenous communities
- Assessment of education level


What are some of the specific competencies required by a forensic psychologist?

- Knowledge of law
- Working with criminals
- Maintaining confidentiality
- Assessment of psychiatric state
- Preparing accurate reports


What are the 2 models for the assessment of professional competence in psychology?

- Matrix model
- Cube model


What is the horizontal dimension of the matrix model?

Source - person/environment


What is the vertical dimension of the matrix model?

Valence - strengths/weaknesses


What are the 4 factors yielded by the matrix model?

1. Strengths within a person
2. Strengths within the environment
3. Weakness within a person
4. Weaknesses within the environment


What are the 4 conceptual levels that the core of the matrix model operates on?

- Individual (micro)
- Interpersonal (meso)
- Institutional (exo)
- Societal (macro)


What are the 3 orthogonal dimensions relevant to training that make up the cube model?

- Foundational competencies
- Functional competencies
- Stages of professional development


What are the 6 domains that comprise the 20 primary competencies from the European Diploma in Psychology (EuroPsy)?

- Goal specification
- Assessment
- Development
- Intervention
- Evaluation
- Communication


"Interacting with the client for the purpose of defining goals of the service that will be provided" describes what EuroPsy competency domain?

Goal specification


"Establishing relevant characteristics of individuals, groups, organisations, and situations by means of appropriate methods" describes what competency domain?



"Developing services or products on the basis of psychological theory and methods for the use by clients or psychologists" describes what competency domain?



"Identifying, preparing, carrying out interventions that are appropriate for reaching the set goals, using the results of assessment and development activities" describes what competency domain?



"Establishing the adequacy of interventions in terms of adherence to the intervention plan and the achievement of set goals" describes what competency domain?



"Providing information to clients in a way that is adequate to fulfill the clients' needs and expectations" describes what competency domain?



What 2 competencies make up goal specification?

- Needs analysis
- Goal-setting


What 4 competencies make up assessment?

- Individual assessment
- Group assessment
- Organisational assessment
- Situational assessment


What 4 competencies make up development?

- Definition and requirements analysis
- Design
- Testing
- Evaluation


What 5 competencies make up intervention?

- Intervention planning
- Direct person-oriented intervention
- Direct situation-oriented intervention
- Indirect intervention
- Service or product implementation


What 3 competencies make up evaluation?

- Planning
- Measurement
- Analysis


What 2 competencies make up communication?

- Giving feedback
- Report writing


What does OSCE stand for?

Objective structured clinical examination


What 4 steps make up the demonstration of competence?

1. Knows
2. Knows how
3. Shows how
4. Does


What is the difference between competence and performance?

Competence = they can show how something is done
Performance = they can do it as a regular part of their repertoire and in different situations


What are the 3 main mechanisms for maintaining your competencies?

1. Supervision and peer consultation
2. Continuing professional development
3. Networking


How many hours of CPD must a psychologist do each year?



How should CPD hours be divided?

- At least 10 hours of peer consultation
- Recommended 10 hours of active CPD activities (eg: role playing, trialing new technique)


What are the 4 main contexts that lend themselves to networking opportunities?

1. Conferences and workshops
2. Universities and other professional organisations
3. Community and social events
4. Online


When should a psychologist view themselves as competent when developing a new expertise?

When they've had another psychologist with experience in that area supervise or monitor them


What things should a psychologist do before commencing aversion therapy with a client?

- Conduct thorough assessment
- Get informed consent
- Determine all non-aversive therapies have been tried without success
- Assess their own level of competence to deliver it
- Continually assess their effectiveness, make a clear plan for review, keep meticulous records.


What happens in a dyadic peer model?

Peers take-turns being supervisor and supervisee without any oversight by others


What happens in a triadic peer model?

One supervisor working simultaneously with 2 supervisees, or three members and no supervisor


What are 5 transcendent themes that can come from triadic group models?

- Initial apprehension
- Shared developmental process
- Vicarious learning
- Multiple perspectives
- Trust and safety in relationships


What are 3 key points to consider when choosing a peer consultation/supervision model?

- Some structure, particularly during early stages
- A mechanism for staying on task
- Direct observation


What was the main finding of Bradley et al. with regards to psychologists' sense of professional competence?

Feelings of competence were related to:
- professional reading
- taking courses/workshops
- years licenses
- attending psychology conferences


What isn't related to feelings of professional competence?



Continuing education was not strongly related to what feelings?

Feelings of professional value


What predicted feelings of professional support?

Participation in:
- case discussion groups
- supervision groups
- psychology networking groups