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Using check-lists would be an example of?

Quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC)


What kind of projects can benefit from a constructibility review?

Complex or large projects with staging concerns.

Projects with tight schedules.

Project using new construction methods.

Innovative projects


Give three reasons to when an RFI can be written to the architect from the contractor

Unforeseen condition of circumstance.

An omission.

A conflict or discrepancy.


Name the four project delivery methods

Traditional design bid build.

Construction management at risk.


Integrated project delivery (IPD)


How should a conflict between agencies be addressed?

One. Schedule meeting with agencies that are responsible for enforcing the area of conflict and request they issue you a written direction on which one to follow.

Two. Bring owner to meeting


Which compensation option is the most flexible and preferably used with no exact scope of services can be defined?

Hourly billing rates and fear multipliers


What are the two types of fee multipliers?

Multiple of Direct Salary Expense (DSE).

Multiple of Direct Personal Expense (DPE)


Name two disadvantages of using percentage of construction costs

Client may think architect will intentionally drive up construction cost to increase their fees.

Conflict in relationship between owner and architect


Which AIA Series would you find a contract agreement between the architect and owner?

B series. Owner/architect agreements


What is included in the architect's and consultants' instruments of service?

Drawings, specifications and construction documents


Who retains copyrights of the instruments of service?

Architect and architects consultants


Which AIA series would you use if you want it in agreement for a joint venture?

C series.

Architect/Consultant agreements (including joint ventures)


Should the contractor fail to fulfill their contract all obligations to the owner, this amount is stipulated in the contract known as?

Liquidated damages


The responsibility of providing geotechnical engineering data and land serving is by?



Responsibilities of the architect and their basic services is found in what AIA contract form

B101 standard form of agreement between owner and architect


Responsibilities of the Contractor and their basic services is found in what AIA contract form?

A101 standard form of agreement between owner and contractor


Liquidated damages

An amount of money stipulated in the contract to be charged to the contractor as a reimbursement for damages suffered by owner because of the contractors failure to fulfill contractual obligation’s


Why is it important to regularly send out invoices to clients?

To maintain the cash flow coming into the business and pay staff and bills on time



The process by which the owner withhold money from the contractor as a protection in case a contractor fails to complete the work according to the contract document


What is the contract sum?

Contract some is the total amount payable by the owner to the contractor for performance of the work under the contract documents


Which three contracts can be paired with a B102?

B201 design and construction contract administration.

B202 programming.

B203 site evaluation and planning.

Each of these contracts are titled standard form of architect services: programming (for example)



This refers to the general paragraphs in a contract I would apply to anyone and be reused over and over again without needing to be modified. For example the clause, perform the services with professional skill and care, would apply to almost any contract


Self-awareness for the firm

Internal analysis. Helps assess the firms capabilities and considering new work


What does RFI stand for?

Request for information. And RFI as a document used by the general contractor and the construction team when: they discover any of the following: unforeseen condition or circumstance. An omission. A conflict or discrepancy.

When the architect received an RFI, the architect shell review and respond in a timely manner


Architects entire their compensation to revenue, cost, or profitability results achieved by this type of compensation option

Outcome based value pricing


What are the three types of project types used in outcome-based value pricing?

Sales in retail facilities. Leasing success in housing. Commercial office development


This compensation method that ties the architects compensation to the budgeted or actual construction cost of a project which is rarely used is known as?

Percentage of construction cost


This is work that is done without an expectation of payment, no fees

Pro bono work


Why did the AIA contract reflect the best contractual advice from practicing professionals, including contractors, Consultant, and insurance companies?

AIA documents balance of the interest of all the parties involved, no one, including the architect, is unfairly represented. They are time-tested and widely used throughout the industry


What is fiduciary?

A person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties