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Who is responsible for ensuring NAVY compliance with the laws governing be in GIBILL program?



Who can enroll in the Montgomery GIBILL?

Members entering active duty for the first time on or after 1 July 1985.


ROTC Scholarship graduates who entered on active duty before 1 October 1996 or entered on active duty 30 September 1996 and receive more than $3400 per year are eligible TorF?

False ...


Can loan repayment program enlistment guarantee members enroll in Montgomery G.I. Bill?

Yes the Montgomery G.I. Bill eligibility date begins on the date of reenlistment


Do Navy college fun enrollees have to enroll in Montgomery G.I. Bill? receive benefits


Are members enlisted the National Call to service eligible for enrollment in the Montgomery G.I. Bill?

Not initially but if NCS participants reenlist two years prior to completion of their NCS initial active-duty commitment members may be eligible.


What are the eligibility requirements to receive benefits under the Montgomery G.I bill ?

At least two years if on a less than three your obligation
At least 3 years on a 3 year or longer obligation
At least 2 years followed by at least 4 continuous years in the selected reserves


What form must be completed for members entering active duty for the first time?

Within the first two weeks of active-duty a member must complete DD form 2366 and must be signed by certifying official


Completed forms go to what Pers code?



What is the character of service for member separating from active-duty have to be to receive Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits?

Honorable . must be for at least three years


What level of education must be completed prior to applying for benefits?

A high school diploma equivalency certificate or completes 12 semester hours of college prior to applying


The Montgomery G.I. Bill program provides how many months of benefits for full-time students?

36 months


Who has the sole responsibility for determination of approved programs vegetation on the Montgomery G.I. Bill?

Department of Veterans Affairs


When can members use their Montgomery G.I. Bill While on active duty?

When they pay the required $1200 they completed 2 years of active duty they complete the requirements of a high school diploma or equivalent see certificate or 12 semester hours of college prior to applying for benefits.


What is the Montgomery G.I. Bill booster?

When a member contribute $600 to receive a maximum of $5400 in additional Montgomery G.I. Bill program benefits.


How can you make payments to increase your Montgomery G.I. Bill while on active duty?

Submit a copy of DD form 2366 to disbursing personnel office


How much can a member contribute to increased Montgomery G.I. Bill's monthly benefits?

A member to contribute a minimum of $20 to the maximum of 600 which is equal to $1 dollar per month for each $4 contributed


What is TATU

Pays the difference between the total cost of a college course in the amount of tuition assistance paid by the military for a course


What form must be submitted to apply for TATU benefits ?

NETPDTC 1560/3


When is the delimiting date for Montgomery G.I. Bill?

10 years from the members last discharge or released from active duty.


What reservist are eligible for the Montgomery G.I. Bill?

Members who obligate six years and participate satisfactorily in the required reserve drills


ROTC Students who entered active duty before Oct 1, 1996 and received 3400 per year do not qualify in what program?

Montgomery GI BILL


Members receiving LRP are eligible MGIB Benefits after what enlistment ?

1st reenlistment


Navy college fund must enroll in the MGIB to receive benefits T or F?



Enrolled member agree to a 100 pay reduction during first 12 months ? T/F



What form is used when enrolling in Montgomery GI BILL?

DD 2366


Members must serve what period of time on active duty to receive benefits ?

At least 2 years if on a less than 3 year contract

At least 3 years of in a 3 or more year contract


Members separated for service connected disabilities or pre existing medical conditions hardship or reduction in rate by secnav recover what benefits ?

May receive 1 month of benefits for each full month served on active duty up to 36 months


What form must be completed within the first 2 weeks of enrollment ?

DD 2366


Members disenrollment will sign which two blocks ?

3a and block 5