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Liver characteristics
- Size, color, functions

- Largest organ (besides skin)
- Soft & dark red

- Endocrine and exocrine functions:
Detox, glycogen storage, blood protein synthesis, bile secretion


Liver lobes (4)

- RT and LT lobes
- Quadrate and caudate lobes - visible from visceral (inferior aspect)


What enters and exits at the porta hepatis? - liver

Arterial blood (from proper hepatic a) & autonomic nerve supply enter @ porta hepatis

Biliary ducts and main lymphatic drainage - exit @ porta hepatis

Note: venous drainage empties into inf. vena cava


Hepatic portal vein
- Formed by what structures?
- From and to where does it transport blood

Formed by superior mesenteric and splenic v

Bring blood from capillary beds of stomach, intestines, and spleen to capillary bed of liver (SIS --> liver)


Portal blood

About 75% of blood that's delivered to liver

Mixes with blood from the hepatic arteries

After passing through hepatic network, exits via THREE hepatic vv into inf vena cava

Low in O2 but rich in nutrients


Nutrients and liver

Nutrients absorbed in the LI are FIRST brought to liver

Liver adjusts concentrations - glucose can be stored as glycogen to be released later

Fat does NOT go to liver, they are picked up by lymphatics


Alcohol and RBC breakdown with liver

Alcohol gets detoxed by liver before it reaches heart, brain, etc.

Breakdown of old RBCs occurs in spleen and breakdown product of Hb gets sent to liver --> secretes as bile pigment