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What is Motivation Theory?

- Motivation theory examine the different ideas that have evolved or been proposed over the last century, each of which propose different methods and techniques of getting the best performance from the workforce.
- Effective motivation creates the desire and energy to complete tasks involved in a job to the highest possible standard.
- Motivation creates commitment to the job and the employer


What is Taylor's of scientific management: the science of work

- Frederick Winslow Taylor, who wrote in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century
- developed the idea of work study or time and motion study.
- In Taylor's view, workers can produce more output if responsibility for decision making and planning are removed.
- Workers should not have to think, they should just do.
In Practice:
- Taylor's ideas based motivation on financial rewards.
- workers are paid for carrying out specific tasks, they are not paid for thinking
- they are paid for levels of output produced; this involves the use of piece rate payments
- Taylor's management theory asserts that organisations should identify the best way to do a job, train workers to handle each element in a predetermined manner and set up an equitable system of rewards for improved productivity


What are the Mayo and Hawthorne experiments?

- Elton Mayo and his teamworked in the late 1920s and early 1930s at general electric companys Hawthorne works.
- In a workplace investigative study tey were trying to develop taylors scientific principles.
- However, through their work they discovered tat group dynamics could be ore important than any form of financial motivation in determining the pattern of work and working practices.
- This research also showed that the way groups of people are treated, and the way that they expect to be treated, affected the way that they worked.
- The aim of study was to establish the impact of different conditions of work on employee productivity.
- As a result of the experiments Mayo suggested that motivation at work was promoted by such factors as: better communication, better teamwork, showing an interest in others, involving others in decision making, ensuring the wellbeing of others, making work interesting and non repetatitive.


What are Maslow's hierarchy of needs.