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What is a motif?

A movement or series of movements that can repeated and developed throughout a dance.


How can a motif be developed using Actions?

- Change the body part
- Change the side of the body
- Perform in retrograde (backwards)
- Change the order
- Add or subtract a movement


How can a motif be developed using Space?

- Change the direction
- Change the level
- Change the formation (if a group of dancers)
- Change the size of the movement
- Change the shape of the movement

(you must be able to give clear examples e.g. change the size by making the movement larger, change the direction by facing the left rather than right)


How can a motif be developed using Dynamics

- Change the speed (fast - slow)
- Change the energy (sudden/bold - soft/gentle)
- Change the fluency (jerky/robotic - smooth/fluid)
- Change the rhythm/timing


How can a motif be developed using Relationships

- Add canon
- Add unison
- Add/subtract a dancer
- Add question & answer
- Add contact work/lifts
- Include complimentary movement
- include contrasting movement


Identify at least three things that could be used as a stimulus/starting point for a dance

- poem
- saying
- text - story
- diary entry
- piece of music
- prop
- spoken word
- painting
- sculpture
- an historical/topical event
- photograph


What is a climax?

A key moment/phrase within a dance where the choreographer wants to draw the audiences attention. It is often a moment of tension/excitement or when something dramatic happens.


How could you create a climax within a dance?

- Build speed by getting faster and faster
- Build energy by adding lots of jumps and leaps
- Add a dramatic pause
- Crash to the floor