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Describe the set design in the dance. (General)

- Plain stage
- Proscenium staging
- Backdrop that changes with each section
- Screen used in final section
- Café setting with tables and chairs


Describe the costume in the dance (you only need to know two of these)

- Penguin Masks
- White shirts
- Black dinner jackets
- Orange leg
- Black gloves
- Black shoes

Texan Kangaroo Rat
- Rat mask
- Blue dungarees
- Tie dyed t.shirt
- Leather sandals

Southern Cape Zebra
- Black & white face paint
- Black headdress
- Black & white body tights (zebra stripes)
- Tassles
- Black footwear

Brazilian Woolly Monkey
- Monkey mask
- Gold top hat
- Gold jacket
- Red & black striped shiny trousers
- Black top
- Breeches
- Purple bow tie


Describe the Set Design in two sections (you only need to know two of these)

- Plain stage (for the first part)
- Back drop, blue and white icebergs
- Chairs and tables in the second part of the section
- Backdrop changes to show café scene

Texan Kangaroo Rat
- Plain stage
- Green backdrop showing large cactus

Southern Cape Zebra
- Plain stage
- Back drop - purple and black with trees


Explain the contribution that costume makes to the dance

- Helps show the animal (e.g. Penguin masks indicate they are Penguins)
- Adds colour & interest (e.g. Brazilian Woolly Monkey - golds and bright colours)
- Shows style of dance (e.g. Hog nosed skunk flea section, the chorus dancers are wearing traditional morris dancing costumes)
- Show climate & location (e.g. Texan Kangaroo Rat section, arms and legs are exposed and t.shirt is dirty indicating that he is from a hot place (desert) )
- Enables dancers to perform required movements appropriately (e.g. Southern Cape Zebra, lots of movements requiring the dancer to show high levels of flexibility and to be upside down - a mask would be inpractical and the body sock enables clear lines to be seen and enables the dancer to perform the movements safely and effectively)
- Shows theme (e.g. Southern Cape Zebra - the women are wearing fur/headdresses made from animal products showing human's impact on animals)
- Shows the characters are a human/animal hybrid (use of mask)


Explain the contribution that Set Design makes to the dance

- Structures the piece (different backdrop for each scene)
- Helps show the location/climate of the animal (e.g. Penguins - icebergs)
- Helps show the size of the animal (e.g. Texan Kangaroo Rat - large cactus makes the rat seem small)
- Does not detract from the dancers and the movement - very simple
- Sets the scene - tables and chairs in the second part of the Zebra scene
- Helps show the mood (e.g purple/black in Zebra section indicates a darker more serious mood)


Describe the lighting in the dance

- Stage lights (stage wash)
- Spotlight on main dancer (s)
- blue wash
- white spotlights on the three penguins
Texan Kangaroo Rat
- Spotlight on the rat
- green/yellows


Explain the contribution that lighting makes to the dance

- Helps structure the dance (different lighting for each section)
- Highlights main dancer(s)/animals
- Helps show climate (E.g. penguins - white/blue indicates cold climate whereas yellows and greens in the Texan Kangaroo Rat indicate warmth
- Helps show the mood (brighter colours in the Brazilian Woolly Monkey scene show that it is happy/fun in contrast to the darker more intense colours in the Zebra section)