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What is motivation?

Motivation is about the ways a business can encourage staff to give their best. Motivated staff care about the success of the business and work better.


What does a motivated workforce result in?

A motivated workforce results in:
increased output caused by extra effort from workers
improved quality as staff take a greater pride in their work
a higher level of staff retention - workers are keen to stay with the firm and also reluctant to take unnecessary days off work


How can managers influence employee motivation?

monetary factors - some staff work harder if offered higher pay
non monetary factors - other staff respond to incentives that have nothing to do with pay, eg improved working conditions or the chance to win promotion


What are monetary methods of motivation?

Managers can motivate staff by paying a fair wage.
E.g. time rate, overtime, piece rate, commission, performance related pay, profit sharing, salary, fringe benefits


What are non monetary methods of motivation?

Motivation without the use of money.
E.g. job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, empowerment, putting groups of workers in a team


Whats a time rate?

time rate - staff are paid for the number of hours worked


Whats overtime?

overtime - staff are paid extra for working beyond normal hours


Whats a piece rate?

piece rate - staff are paid for the number of items produced


Whats a commission?

commission - staff are paid for the number of items they sell


What is performance related pay?

performance related pay - staff get a bonus for meeting a target set by their manager


What is profit sharing?

profit sharing - staff receive a part of any profits made by the business


Whats a salary?

salary - staff are paid monthly no matter how many hours they work


What are fringe benefits?

fringe benefits - are payments in kind, eg a company car or staff discounts


What is job rotation?

job rotation - staff are switched between different tasks to reduce monotony


What is job enlargement?

job enlargement - staff are given more tasks to do of similar difficulty


What is job enrichment?

job enrichment - staff are given more interesting and challenging tasks


Whats empowerment?

empowerment - staff are given the authority to make decisions about how they do their job


How can you motivate people by allowing them to collaborate?

putting groups of workers in a team who are responsible together for completing a certain task, which allows employees to get help from others


Whats maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Maslow's hierarchy of need is a pyramid of needs.
Maslow suggests there are five hierarchies or levels of need that explain why people work. Staff first want to meet their survival needs by earning a good wage. Safety needs such as job security then become important, followed by social, self-esteem and self-fulfilment needs. Moving staff up a Maslow level is motivational.


Whats in maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Self-actualisation - Achieving individual potential
Esteem- Self esteem and esteem from others
Belonging - Love, affection and being part of groups
Safety - Shelter and removal from danger
Physiological - Health, food, sleep


What does taylorism argue?

Taylorism argues that staff do not enjoy work and are only motivated by threats and pay. Managers motivate staff by organising employees' work and paying by results, eg piece rate pay - payment per item produced.