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Problem 1

Degrees of freedom:
How are movements selected to achieve particular tasks
hard constraint: reflex
soft constraint: the easiest way to achieve a task (touch nose)
- synergies: e.g. rub stomach while patting
- movements we make are more efficient than movements we do not chose to make.
- straightness, comfort, jerky movement


Problem 2

Sequencing and timing
none of our actions occur in isolation- they are all sequences
how are order and timing sequences organized?
- spoonerisms: "you hissed all my mystery lectures"
- the action motor plan is already there: then something goes wrong.
- coarticulation: tulip or trip: plan of the word is already there before a word is spoken
- perceptual information is most important


Problem 3

Perceptual and motor integration
- movement informs/influences perception
- active touch vs. passive touch
- mirror neurons: monkey studies: neurons fire when you see someone else perform an action


Problem 4

The learning problem
- learning by doing, one kitten gets to move the other kitten develops eyesight but never learns how to cope with movement
- learning through neuronal plasticity, practice only makes sense if skills can be transferred to new environments