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Feature search

The target is defined by a single feature


Conjunction search

target is defined by two features, demands the binding of feature requiring serial search.


what is the FIT

the feature integration theory by treisman explains that we use a more automatic attention when we search for a single feature
and that when we need to search for a combination of features it is slower and more deliberate.


FIT-1 Visual search task

detecting targets defined by a single feature is unaffected by number of distracters (processing of features occurs in parallel coding)

detecting targets defined by multiple features is affected by the number of distracters (serial search process)

issues: search is only very fast in 3D objects and not with 2D objects


FIT-2 Illusory conjunctions

told to report digits and then later to remember patterns of shapes.
-failed to report shapes accurately: reported illusory conjunctions


FIT-3 Texture discrimination

if the object can be defined based on texture, it will pop out


The 2 stages of the FIT

first stage:
Preattentive stage:
- specialized visual brain areas process basic stimulus attributes or features

second stage:
focused attention stage
- Features are integrated and the object is recognized and associated with information.