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What is the population for all the MSK assessments?

Grip Strength: 15-69

Push-Up: 15-69

Sit and Reach: 15-69

Vertical Jump: 15-69

Back Extension: 15-69

One Leg Stance: 18-69 


Contraindications for Grip Strength

any obvious arm or hand injuries


Contraindications for Push-Ups

- osteoporosis

- lower back pain

- shoulder problems


Contraindications for Sit and Reach

- osteoporosis

- lower back pain


Contraindications for Vertical Jump

- osteoporosis

- lower back pain

- knee problems


Contraindications for Back Extension

- assess for discomfort


Contraindications for One Leg Stance



What is Hand Grip a measure of?

isometric strength

good indicator of overall body strength


What is Hand Grip predictive of?

functional limitations and disability later in life


What is the Hand Grip device called?

Hand Dynamometer


What does the Push-Up Test measure?

muscular endurance of the chest, shoulder and arms


Why is the Push-Up test important?

muscular endurance is important in the performance of everyday tasks, such as carrying groceries or shoveling snow


What equipment do you need for the push-up test?

gym mat


Push-Up Test instructions

1.a Practice one-two reps for proper technique

1. Lie facedown on the mat with legs together, hands pointing forward and under shoulders.

2. Push up by fully extending the arms -exhale-, keeping elbows out from the side.

3. Men use toes as pivot, women use knees as pivot with ankles plantar flexed - ew gross

4. Upper body must be kept in a straight line, returning to start with chin touching mat.  Stomach and thighs do not touch

5. Incorrect repetitions do not count

6. Direct concentration towards the floor

7. Perform as many as they can - no time limit


When should you stop the Push-Up test?

- any pain or discomfort

- appears to strain forcibly

- unable to maintain proper technique over two consecutive reps


How do you score the Push-Up test?

total number of reps


What is the purpose of the Sit and Reach test?

- most common way to measure hamstring and lower back flexibility.

- valid and reliable measure of general flexibility

- tightness in the hamstrings and lower back is an indicator of current poor back health

- reduced flexibility, especially the lower body, has been associated with adverse functional outcomes, limit daily activity abilities


Equipment for the Sit and Reach

- flexommeter - ruler arm at 26cm

- gym mat

- tape measure


Instructions for Sit and Reach

1. Warm up with modified hurdler stretch - 20s each - make sure hips aren't rotating

2. without shoes, sit legs fully extended, feet flat against flexometer - balls of feet should rest against upper crossboards - feet must not extend past

3. measure to make sure inner edge of fett are 6 inches apart

4. arms evenly stretched with palms down and hands together, bend and reach forward - push the marker forward along the scale as far as possible - 2 seconds

5. concentrate on pushing - lower head and exhale to maximize

6. repeat


When should you stop the Sit and Reach

if the knees bend, start over


How to record the sit and reach?

both readings to the nearest 0.5cm, use highest score


if they can't reach, measure fingertips to 0 for later goals


What is the purpose of the Vertical Jump test?

measures peak leg power or the ability to contract the leg muscles with speed and force

-muscular power has important implications for functional capacity and independent living especially as you age


Equipment for Vertical Jump Test?

- measuring tape

- chair

- chalk


Instructions for Vertical Jump Test?

1. stand tall with feet flat on floor - perpendicular to wall or under device

2. reach as high as possible - arm and fingers fully extended - palm toward wall - record this to nearest 0.5cm

3. move safe distance away from wall or device, hand on hip elbow should barely touch

4. bring arms down and back, bending knees in semi-squat

5. pause 1-2 seconds in this position then jump as high as possible and touch the wall or device

6. three trials with a rest of 10-15 seconds


When does a vertical jump not count?

- run up, step up or pre-jump


How to score Vertical Jump?

- measure stand and reach to best jump

- use formula peak leg power = [60.7 x jump height] + [45.3 x body mass] - 2055