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Aristotle’s teleological worldview

- Everything has a telos (purpose)
- All humans are rational animals so we have reason and animal instincts
- Only by using our reason can we be moral agents. Innate
- our reason can frustrate our telos



- the purpose of a human
- living the way God meant=putting God central
- Ultimate end=flourish


Aquinas’ views

- Absolutist
- Deontological
Action over outcome


What are the 4 ideas of law???

- Eternal Law=The designers plan (God’s plan)
- Divine Law=A manual sent to us (bible)
- Natural Law=What we observe in the world around
- Human Law=What we write down (how we live)


Why have the 4 ideas of law???

- flourish=live according to God’s rules and put God first
- Demonstrates the way the world works



“Do good and avoid evil”
- We can’t avoid sin because of The Fall
- Innate and reason used
- We do our best to avoid evil


5 Primary precepts

- Preserve life
- Reproduce
- Ordered society
- Worship God
- Learn through education


Secondary precepts

- Application of he primary precepts = what you do/don’t do to abide by the primary precepts
- Do not murder
- Have a family
- Follow laws
- Go to church
- Uni encouragment


Real and apparent goods

- Can’t sin deliberately because of syndresis
-Apparent good = Something that seems to be good or the right thing to do but which does not fit the perfect human ideal
- Real good = The right thing to do that fits the human ideal
- We never choose evil we just choose apparent goods


The doctrine of double effect

- When 2 precepts are in conflict
- Link with interior and exterior acts because have good intention but choose bad thing
- ie abortion, euthanasia and self-defense


Interior and exterior acts

- Interior act = intention
- Exterior act = The act