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what is mupirocin

topical treatment for impetigo


what is triamcinilone

glucocorticoid topical treatment


how does a pt with diabetes insipidus present

hypernatremia with dilute urine and polyuria


what do you give to someone in an acute gout flare

you start with NSAIDs and try Celecoxib and then Indomethacin
if those dont work then move on glucocorticoids


pts with Crohns disease comes in with abdominal pain, n/v, and tender abdomen

likely due to stricture from crohns
-creating a small bowel obstruction


patient who looks like it might be pyelo but they have pain thats reponsive to morphine, what do you think of

kidney stone


what should you look at if an inpatient person suddenly has a decrease in renal function

check to see if they had any angiography or anything with contrast done cause this can mess up the kidney
-prevent kidney damage by these with extra hydration


what is becks triad and how do you treat it

becks triad: hypotension, JVD, muffled heart sounds (also electrical alternans)
-this is for cardiac tamponade
-treat it surgically by creating a pericardial window to drain the fluid


whatre the PAIR diseases (spondyloarthopathies)

Psoriatic arthritis: arthritis and nail pitting
Ankylosing spondylitis: back pain with morning stiffness relieved by exercise (bamboo spine)
IBD-related: enteroarthropathies, bilateral arthritis
Reactive arthritis: cant pee, climb a tree, see


what part of the aorta is most likely to get ruptured in a accel-decel MVA

thoracic aorta


baby to be born from someone who has herpes (no active lesions)

-give acyclovir at 36 weeks
-if they have active lesions then do c-section
-if no active lesions then do vaginal birth


drug intoxication in a person with nystagmus... what drug do you think of



when a pt has an infection what happens to glucose

increases in the blood stream so you have a higher need for insulin (if diabetic)


any sort of dental work mentioned in a person with an artificial valve, what do you think of

strep viridans


what electrolyte abnormality can cause PVCs

-especially in someone taking digoxin cause there is more digoxin binding to Na/K pump leading to cardiac dysfunction


just b/c a pt had a cholecystectomy doesnt mean they wont have a residual stone, what do you do if this person develops RUQ pain, fever, and jaundice?

this is charcots triad for acute cholangitis
-get ERCP

-if they also had altered mental status and hypotension that would be reynolds pentad


thoracostomy vs cricothyrotomy

thoracostomy = chest tube
cricothyrotomy = throat tube to establish airway


how long does staph aureus food poisoning last

resolves within 24 hours


cramping abdominal pain and watery stool for 4 days with no pmns in the poop

(also possibly vibrio, cereus, or giardia depending on the story)


patient with lyme disease and you want to protect the heart, what do you give

amoxicillin to treat the lyme disease
(give doxy as first line unless its not an option or its a pregnant lady or child under 8)


compare and contrast ABO vs Rh incompatibility in newborns with jaundice and high bilirubin levels

ABO incompatibility is not as severe as Rh cause ABO antibodies are IgM and dont cross the placenta but Rh is IgG and does cross the placenta
-if they say anything about an edematous baby then think Rh incompatibility cause it could be hydrops (caused by Rh)


sensation of bugs crawling on you (delusional paratosis) with skin picking or scratching is from what drug

-treat w/ benzos


what do you think about in a boy pt who keeps getting sick with encapsulated organisms

x-linked brutons agammaglobulinemia
-problem with b-lymphocytes and plasma cells, you have none that can actually make the immunglobulins

SHiN for encapsulated organisms (strep pneumo, haemophilis influenza, neisseria)


pt has a history of abscesses with catalase + organisms

chronic granulomatous disease
-NADPH deficiency
-problem with neutrophils


what are the only 2 systolic murmurs

mitral regurg
aortic stenosis


patients with multiple myeloma have increased risk of what types of infections

anything encapsulated
-strep pneumo
-H. influenza


acute stress disorder vs PTSD

same thing but acute stress disorder is 3 days to 1 month and PTSD is longer than 1 month


pt presents with fever, RUQ pain, mild scleral icterus, and positive murphys sign with a normal sized common bile duct

acute cholecystitis

-cholangitis would have negative murphys and a dilated common bile duct with a high alk phos


patient at a summer camp or dorm or some closed off space with people then gets sick and has altered mental status

think meningococcemia


what could the following things cause:
-heavy metals, radiocontrast
-ethylene glycol

acute tubular necrosis